Integrating with Tradeshift as a supplier

Tradeshift has options for you to deliver electronic invoices and other business documents to your business partners no matter what accounting- or ERP system you use.
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To upload documents to Tradeshift, visit Tradeshift Apps and activate Uploader.

With uploader you will be able to upload business documents to your Tradeshift account. This way you can import previously sent documents from other systems and have a full overview in one place.

Tradeshift Apps is an open marketplace for apps like “Quotes” and also connectors to accounting systems. Currently we offer connectors to the systems listed on this page.

Current connectors

Tradeshift natively supports UBL and we are building converters for a growing list of business document formats. If your system saves or exports invoices in any of the formats listed on this page, you can upload them to Tradeshift for free.

The easiest way to integrate with Tradeshift is by implementing Tradeshift API. The Tradeshift API is REST based which makes it simple and fast to implement. Documents can be sent in one request using the API. Alternatively, SFTP/FTPS integration channels are available.

In order to assist you or your IT partner, we have created an information pack for each document format. This contains detailed information on what fields to fill out, what code lists to use, example files and other helpful tips.

Choose your preferred document format, download the corresponding documentation package, and you are ready to start the integration process. And it’s all for free!

Check our integration videos on YouTube.