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B2B E-procurement made smarter

Tradeshift’s Marketplace powers next-generation procurement and B2B commerce growth:

  • Transform your e-procurement function into a profit and growth center
  • Monetize your network of buyers and sellers on a single, cloud-based platform to future-proof your business
  • Enable strategic and effective partnerships and a pool of vetted vendors for you to tap into anytime

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Discover the power that comes from
an intelligent B2B Marketplace.


Improve your bottom line and focus on discounts, analysis and cash flow

Transform the procurement function from a cost center to a profit and growth center from and start economizing with B2B eCommerce marketplaces.


Build a sustainable
market of sellers
and buyers

Choose from more than 2 million active sellers and buyers on our network to maintain competitive value and continuous supply.


Developed to
withstand change.

Our Marketplace platform is built with adaptability in mind, so you can be certain you have the right platform for today and tomorrow.


Reduce spending on sourcing, onboarding, and managing suppliers.

Connect with new suppliers and expand business partnerships easily, transforming your procurement from reliance on a small set of vendors and gaining more control over procurement spend.


Gain visibility into your procurement data.

Construct new procurement measures reflecting your business’ actual purchasing and evolving needs. Provide strategic procurement and supplier insights with fewer errors, so you can confidently make strategic business decisions.


Accelerate your procurement cycle times.

Access critical new sources of supply quickly to keep your operations running smoothly. Embrace a single platform for managing all your vendors and invoice processing. Your procurement team can rapidly deliver the necessary elements to foster innovation and growth, all without increasing risk.


Embrace customizable automation to streamline procurement.

Eliminate tedious, unwanted processes and reduce the strain on your admins by utilizing configurable automation. Our B2B Marketplace offers a complete end-to-end solution all from one platform, making it easier to manage the complexity of sourcing from multiple vendors.


Create resilient processes built to last.

Dispel purchasing uncertainties with our B2B Marketplace. Designed to grow alongside your enterprise, our comprehensive network leads to a more adaptable and resilient procurement function.

More volume, better data, and reduced processing times - all within an intelligent platform.

Embrace a collaborative B2B Marketplace and accelerate your procurement processes like never before. Place fewer restraints on your business while avoiding a loss of control over cost and risk.

Discover the benefits of using a digitally native environment with full buying stage and transactional transparency.

“Tradeshift provides a b2b trade platform that connects your complete supply chain ecosystem. This connectivity is a crucial component to transforming our procurement organization.”

Bruno Stock, VP Procurement Operations

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Transform your operations with
a digital B2B Marketplace