Love a challenge?
So do we.

A collaborative culture. A disruptive vision. A better way. It’s how we live and what we strive for.

Let's build something amazing

At Tradeshift, we’re challenging the status quo of global trade by redefining the way buyers and suppliers connect, transact and grow. We’re on a mission to level the playing field, shifting the power of the few into the hands of the many. A mission to connect every company in the world.

Fundamentally, we believe in a more inclusive future, where everyone – buyer or supplier – has an equal opportunity to succeed. Our starting point: anyone who participates in a network extracts more value than they contribute. If revolutionizing the way business is done resonates with you, why not join us on the journey.

Meet our Shifters

Engineering / Product

We’re changing the ways things have been done for years — building software that influences people’s lives. #passion

Business Operations

Service Sales / Professional Services / Customer Success / Support

Represent. We’re the team that’s on the ground, making sure our customers are getting everything they can out of the Tradeshift platform. We build relationships, becoming a partner in our customer’s road to success. #partnership

Commercial Team

Sales / Marketing / Product Marketing

It takes an army — an army of one. Combining marketing and sales to develop a partnership approach we’re growing Tradeshift through information sharing and collaborative efforts. #getsh*ftdone

Global People

Finance / Legal / People, Places & Culture

A company is only as awesome as the people within it. That’s why we strive to bring onboard passionate people with amazing talent, and we work hard to support them in both professional and personal health and development. #exceptional

Perks & Benefits

We’ve got big dreams and understand how important building a strong team is to achieving them. The team that plays together stays together:

  • Health coverage, attractive vacation and leave policies, pension policy, paid paternity and maternity leave.
  • Hybrid virtual first way of working.
  • Fully comprehensive employee assistance program (EAP) globally.

A day in the life: making shift happen