Virtual corporate credit card for spend management



Meet the web app that makes corporate cards better.

Forget paper receipts and overblown employee spend. Combining Tradeshift Go with your card program lets you issue pre-approved, encrypted virtual cards through one simple web app. Freedom to buy, free of worry—that’s the power of Go.

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Secure, limited use cards.

Give your employees a card for a requested purchase in a few seconds. It’s virtual, so it can’t fall into the wrong hands.

Approval that comes first.

Unlike traditional commercial cards, every transaction on Go is pre-approved, by you. A virtual corporate credit card is only issued once you have approved.

Everything in one place.

See everything you’ve approved in one place. It’s like a credit card statement without the fine print. Easy.


Make requesting easy.

With Go, employees don’t have to be cardholders on your commercial credit card account to access payments. They just log into Go to enter a few purchase details and Voilà! Their request for a virtual commercial credit card goes out immediately.


Built for teams.

Unlike traditional corporate purchasing programs, Go puts approval directly in the hands of budget owners. So teams can get their purchasing done faster, and with less hassle. As soon as a manager approves a team member’s request, Go issues a virtual corporate credit card for the employee to use immediately.

No more reconciliation headaches.

The purchase requests that you approve in Go are pre-coded with a business justification and accounting code. That info will also stay with the purchase all the way through your accounting process. There’s no need to re-code or reconcile anything when the monthly credit card bill comes in.

Befriend tail-spend.

The problem isn’t tail spend. It’s mysterious credit card charges, after-the-fact expense reports, and too many long-tail vendors. Go makes tail spend visible and approvable. Elite enterprise spend management so you can just say yes to the request.

When we started looking at Go, we never saw it as a single-use tool. We looked at it and said, how many places can we plug this into our process to eliminate risk, make it easier to do business, or capture more credit card spend to maximize incentives?

Steven Marks
SVP of Accounting First Advantage

First Advantage trades card-sharing practices for Tradeshift Go.

Learn how one company decided to adopt Tradeshift Go in their business critical operations and realized:

  • Millions in spend secured
  • Approval behind each virtual card issued
  • Visibility into every transaction

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