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Elevate AP with the #1 network solution for automating the heck out of accounts payable processes. Go paperless and touchless for the whole invoice handling process. Automate invoices by capturing them digitally—and get AI to do the rest. Pairs well with pleasing suppliers, kicking butt, and impressing CFOs.

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AI for the boring stuff.

Pay’s incredibly cool AI layer automates the automatable even further. With AP automation, let AI do your coding and approvals by learning from you, to become smarter and smarter.

Business as usual. Wherever it’s done.

With e-invoicing and invoice tax compliance in over 50 countries including Italy and India, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got local regulations covered.

Apps for what’s next.

‘E-Invoicing and AP automation are just some of the things you can do with Tradeshift. There are apps for supply chain automation, b2b marketplaces, spend management and more.

Don't just onboard suppliers. Build a network.

E-Invoicing is complex for many reasons. Formats, content, regulations, etc – to say nothing of the need to collaborate with your suppliers to make it happen. Tradeshift provides many self-service options that make it easy to build your network. And when you want to accelerate the digital transformation, we offer a managed onboarding service to help speed things up. The network is more than just a way to send and receive e-invoices. It’s a platform for collaboration, procurement, and supply chain financing. The Tradeshift Network really is a path to digital transformation.


Capture and validate invoices. Truly digitally.

Pay takes in all your invoices digitally, regardless of how your seller sent them. The document firewall makes sure each invoice complies with your business rules. Multi-way matching aligns invoices received with other purchasing documents, like orders and contracts. So only those that are good to go can get through. And you can process more invoices per FTE. And you can process more invoices per FTE freeing up time for more value adding tasks.


Give the busywork to AI. Like a boss.

Let AI-enhanced AP automation learn how you want to code and approve invoices, then effectively eliminate those steps for you. Dial up or down the desired amount of AI-powered action in the AP automation dashboard. And get closer to celebrating exception-free AP. #careergoals


Pay people, not invoices. It's nicer that way.

After automation, what’s left for people to do should be human-friendly. Like the ability to customize your workflow just so. Reassign a batch of approvals to Monica—with a thank-you attached. Get Bob to finally approve that one invoice. Then let the seller know it’s all. After all, the end goal isn’t processing an invoice, but paying a person.

Even the best organizations still have some way to go to improve their processes. AP automation is a journey and not a destination. It needs to be worked at continuously.

Bob Cohen, Vice President of Research and Marketing
Ardent Partners

Ardent Partners: Accounts Payable Metrics that Matter in 2023

Ardent Partners’ 2023 Metrics that Matter report, in association with Tradeshift, highlights AP’s growing reputation as a center for strategic insight and actionable intelligence. But if 2023 is the beginning of a new era for the accounts payable function, then it’s an uneven transition.

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