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We get sellers paid faster.

Now, you can hold onto your cash longer while helping the sellers you love get paid sooner. Other early payment solutions work sometimes, for some of your sellers. Tradeshift Cash is different because it’s driven by your existing relationship with the seller.

Pay sellers faster.

Cash leverages historical transaction data between you and your sellers to provide faster financing on qualified invoices. This way, sellers you trust get paid fast. Like two-days-or-less fast.

24/7 predictability.

Cash is always on—no more supply chain disruptions. Your sellers get the cash flow they need to run their business and you get a supply chain that’s unbreakable.

Early payments for all.

Cash can work alongside your legacy early payment solution—or replace it altogether. Where traditional dynamic discounting and supply chain finance only work for sellers of a certain size, Cash is for everyone.

What if your sellers never had to wait to get paid again?

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The platform that puts sellers first.

One in four businesses are impacted by the financial failure of a seller. With Cash, you can set sellers up for success by giving them access to faster invoice payments right from the start.. And when they see that you’re invested in their business, they’ll onboard your e-invoicing solution even faster. When you put seller value first, you create more value on both sides.


Keep sellers coming back for more.

On the Tradeshift network, you can onboard sellers quickly by rewarding them with actionable network data, analytics and faster financing—then keep them engaged with the promise of cash-flow. The more of your sellers that do business with you digitally, the stronger your network will become.

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