Making shift happen in transportation and logistics

Tradeshift knows how important it is to have a reliable and resilient supply chain

Tradeshift enables transportation and logistics professionals to grow by building a modern B2B supply chain network and digitizing trade. By combining our digital tools with the personalized aspect that vendors and customers love, Tradeshift allows T+L professionals to create productive, reliable supplier relationships. With Tradeshift, your company can become continuously adaptable — no matter the pace of change.

A robust network of vendors

One of the most significant benefits users enjoy when they join the Tradeshift network is our database of pre-vetted vendors. What’s more, our digital tools create an easy and efficient way to add new clients and vendors to your network, creating an enjoyable experience for both parties. With thousands of products and offers available on our B2B marketplace, Tradeshift Buy’s easy-to-use interface creates a cost-efficient and easy way to conduct B2B shopping.

Automation for the win

With the support of Tradeshift Pay’s artificial intelligence, your organization can delegate tedious and time-consuming tasks, giving your professionals more time to act strategically within their roles. In addition, our automation dashboard gives you the ability to customize the level of involvement our AI solutions have with your organization, giving you control over the process and allowing you to scale functions as needed.

Instill value in all your relationships

When it comes to virtual business, the relationship is everything. Your suppliers and clients want to see value in doing business with you, and part of that value comes from building a strong relationship centered around trust and respect. Thanks to Tradeshift Engage’s personalized onboarding processes, your partners will see real value from their first contact. With advanced collaboration capabilities and access to powerful digital tools you can quickly and effectively create a strong, transparent, and honest relationships with all your business partners.

Your one-stop-shop

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — Tradeshift’s fundamental mentality is creating software solutions built for adaptability. Our Tradeshift network and suite of products are created to adapt alongside your business, supporting your needs and business functions as you grow. As a single-point solution for transportation and logistics professionals to manage their business relationships, Tradeshift’s network centralizes your data and order tracking information and consolidates your communication strategies.

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