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Connect with more buyers and get paid faster

Tradeshift builds stronger connections between buyers and sellers so both sides can thrive. Whether you’re looking for new markets for your goods and services, or trying to build stronger connections with your existing buyers, Tradeshift’s cloud-based platform helps you collaborate easily and scale quickly.

"I need to know when my invoices will get paid."

Your business can’t run at its best unless you know when you’re getting paid. That’s why Tradeshift gives you access to real-time information about all your transactions. Monitor payments, better predict cashflow and make all around smarter decisions.

Be certain about when you’re getting paid. With Tradeshift you get:

  • Better transaction visibility
  • Instant payment status updates
  • Accurate cash flow prediction

"I need to grow my business by connecting better with my buyers."

Tradeshift Marketplace is a digital B2B marketplace. As a supplier on the marketplace, you can gain access to a network of potential new buyers for your goods and services. And you can connect more closely with your existing buyers through seamless, digital interactions. Get closer to the buyers you have and build new relationships with ones you haven’t met yet.

Find new buyers and improve your existing buyer relationships. With Tradeshift you get:

  • Fast, efficient digital communication
  • Access to potential new buyers on the network
  • Visibility into every transaction in your supply chain

"I need to get paid sooner."

Tradeshift Cash is a data-driven, early invoice payment solution that was built for suppliers. It enables you to get qualified invoices paid in as little as two days—sometimes, before they’ve even been approved. With access to faster, more predictable payments, you can focus on what really matters: growing your business.

Get paid in as little as two days. With Tradeshift you get:

  • Early invoice payments for Supplier financing
  • Early payments without any involvement from the buyer
  • Better cash flow predictability

"I need to send all my invoices digitally."

E-invoicing is the backbone of a strong seller-buyer relationship. But until Tradeshift, options for going digital have been expensive and needlessly complex. Tradeshift’s solution is simple and it has options for all sizes of business. Not only does it make it easier to connect and get paid, but when disputes arise digital interactions make them easier to resolve.

Discover the ease and simplicity of E invoicing. With Tradeshift you get:

  • Improved digital connectivity
  • Speedy, reliable invoice automation
  • Instant collaboration and messaging for all your transactions
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"The feature set is very rich but easy to use. Customer service is on top of everything, to the extent we need additional support or customized attention."

Jason Kanner CEO | Kwibble