Supplier financing with early invoice payments



Get paid on your terms, not theirs.

Tradeshift Cash gives you early, reliable payments no matter your buyers’ payment terms. And there’s no messy paperwork or waiting around. Get the cash you need, now—it’s that simple.

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Financing on the best kinds of terms: yours.

Network funding relies on the strength of the buyer-seller relationship to finance each invoice. This means that if you have a good relationship with your buyer, you can get paid in as little as two days regardless of your invoice terms.

Funding that just keeps coming.

No one likes having to wait to get paid—or worse, not knowing when. Tradeshift Cash enables fast and predictable payments from your buyers on all your invoices. Unlike traditional supply chain finance, you are in control of when you get paid.

Enrollment that's just a click away.

Cash removes the dependency sellers have on their buyers for underwriting by using historical and real-time data instead. You won’t have to provide piles of paperwork or go through endless checks like you would with a bank loan or buyer-side program. Just sign up to see if Cash is a fit for you and start getting paid, it’s that simple.


A network changes everything.

With Tradeshift, your company has access to transformational tools like digital invoicing and the ability to promote your products and services to new buyers. Plus, once you’re on the network, you stay on the network and can keep all the value you get from it.


Cheaper capital—faster.

Invoice factoring is expensive. Tradeshift uses your transaction history on the network to determine your financing rate. This helps you not only get paid faster, but less expensively than with other company-initiated early payment solutions.


Easy onboarding.

Traditional financing options can bury you in paperwork. Tradeshift Cash simplifies enrollment to a few clicks so you can be on your way to financing your next invoice for early payment.

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