Supply Chain Finance Solutions

Take command of your Working Capital with Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance is a financing method initiated by the buyer in order to help its suppliers to finance its receivables more easily and at a lower interest rate.

Supply chain finance solutions allow your business to hold on to cash for longer while also ensuring your suppliers get paid on time. It’s an easy win-win for all parties. You can optimize working capital and give your suppliers access to critical cash flow to create more sustainability and profitability.

When you choose a supply chain finance platform that allows you to work with your preferred banks or financing companies you ensure fast and efficient payment to your suppliers.


Why your business needs a global supply chain finance solution:

Companies that utilize modern supply chain finance solutions thrive because they can:

Unlock working capital
Supply Chain Finance allows you to extend payment terms and hold on to your cash for longer.

Leverage multiple financing options
Don’t get stuck with individual supply chain finance solutions—by using our portal you can work with the bank partners that suit you.

Improve supplier relations
When you work with global suppliers, supply chain financing makes it far easier to manage complex value chains and push financing to suppliers.

Make digital the default
With a modern supply chain finance platform suppliers and buyers can all view and understand who has been paid and what the discount is.


Companies that don’t use supply chain finance often suffer from:

Poor working capital performance
When you have to pay invoices within short payment timeframes, you have less working capital to grow your business.

Reduced working capital strategies
When you have no supplier financing in place, the only working capital strategy you have is to extend or delay supplier payments.

Poor supplier relations
The longer it takes you to pay suppliers, the more frustrated suppliers become—and may even stop working with you.

Delays caused by manual processes
Without the incentive to digitize, invoices can often take upwards of three weeks to process, meaning you cannot access early payment discounts.

A global supply chain finance solution—on your terms

Tradeshift’s global supply chain finance solution gives you complete control over how you manage supplier payments:

Partner with any supply chain finance company
We work with any lender to facilitate global supply chain finance, so bring your own bank to the solution or work with one of our bank partners. We’re bank-neutral.

Connect to all your suppliers.
Get the most from your early payment programs with superior supplier segmentation, onboarding and early discount capture — all in one place.

Tailor your working capital strategy to fit your needs.
Switch between self-funded and bank-funded solutions to optimize your working capital and company margins.

An unparalleled suite of tools
Use your Tradeshift virtual credit cards to manage all payments easily, even when you’re on the go.

Blockchain supply chain finance
The added element of blockchain technology enhances the process with increased control, stability, trust and transparency.

Unified experience
See your invoices. Then pay your invoices. With one place to access all your supply chain finance options from all your banks, it’s that easy

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