Making shift happen in manufacturing

Tradeshift helps businesses in the manufacturing space by creating a single technology solution to fit their unique needs

With a robust network of vendors and platforms that foster enhanced communication and collaboration, Tradeshift helps manufacturers create effective relationships with their suppliers and customers. In today’s market, manufacturers need to be prepared for disruption along their supply chain. Tradeshift enables businesses to continuously adapt so that they are ready for whatever challenges they may face.


Communicate and connect on a new level

Tradeshift stands out from other business networks by connecting you with many pre-qualified sellers. With more than 160 countries covered, Tradeshift is the one solution you need for your global supply chain. Our commitment to digitization helps you to consolidate your processes, orders, invoices, and conversations, all on one platform. That means more data, smarter insights, better AI, and an increasingly resilient supply chain ecosystem.



Focus on business-centric tasks, give the rest to AI

Tradeshift Pay’s artificial intelligence supports your team by providing best-in-class software solutions for your supply chain and workforce needs. With customizable automation capabilities, leaders can delegate time-consuming and tedious tasks and determine the level of involvement AI solutions should play in your processes. And, our robust digital tools support a paperless order-to-pay cycle that pleases suppliers, protects your bottom line, and keeps executive leadership happy.



Create value from day one

Your suppliers don’t want to be pushed through another clunky cycle with no added benefit. They want to see value in your partnership. With Tradeshift Engage’s dynamic and personalized onboarding processes, sellers get real value from their first contact with Tradeshift. Engage gives you access to enhanced collaboration capabilities and powerful digital tools to help you improve your processes.



Get paid quicker

Based on your network invoice history rather than your seller’s credit history, Tradeshift Cash provides faster financing on qualified invoices. And, with 24/7 accessibility, you can rest assured that your supply chain won’t face any further disruptions. Manufacturers can use Tradeshift Cash to supplement their existing early payment solutions or use our service in place of their existing solutions.

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