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E-invoicing is the electronic exchange of an invoice document between a buyer and a supplier.

E-invoicing solutions can save your organization time and money while keeping you compliant around the world. The problem is that most suppliers don’t want to change doing things their way. Especially if they think the process will be confusing and hard to use.

Choose an e-invoicing solution that lets your suppliers maintain their own company information, quickly collaborate with all their buyers, and manage invoices in a fraction of the time.

Here’s why you should be using e-invoicing and payment systems.

E-invoicing solutions are a win for you and your suppliers

What’s wrong with traditional invoicing processes:

Multiple formats and errors
Invoices get sent in all kinds of formats, meaning that they need to be manually entered into your payment system leading to high exception rates.

Confusing for suppliers
When each company uses a different manual invoicing system geared to make life easier for the buyer, life gets frustrating fast for suppliers.

Disorganized and overwhelmed
Finding the right invoice in a pile of paper invoices takes time and leads to late payments and non-compliant processes.

Not ready for global business
In Stockholm with a supplier in Shanghai? Sending traditional invoices is slow, time-consuming, and frustrating for everyone.

Why e-invoicing solutions are so much better:

Easy to use
Our e-invoicing solution is extremely easy to use, making supplier onboarding a breeze. In fact, most suppliers using Tradeshift’s electronic invoicing services wish more of their customers used it.

Quick payments
Invoices are entered directly into your payment systems, meaning there’s zero chance that a payment is missed.

Better control and security
With digital access to every invoice and payment, e-invoicing and payment services give you and your suppliers complete transparency and confidence.

Easy invoicing from anywhere
Wherever they are, whatever language they speak, and whatever tax and legal regulations apply in their country, e-invoicing takes care of it all for your suppliers.

The world’s leading e-invoicing system

As the leader in supply chain b2b payments and B2B marketplaces, Tradeshift’s platform helps process millions of payments every day. Here’s why Tradeshift’s the leading e-invoicing and payment platform:

Easy onboarding for suppliers
Supplier onboarding is critical to e-invoicing success. It’s so critical that we have a dedicated onboarding team, an easy invoicing interface, and a robust seller experience program.


Always compliant wherever you do business
We live in a global market, meaning invoicing data and record keeping needs to comply with all sorts of T’s and C’s around the world. Tradeshift’s e-invoicing platform has you covered.

Faster, more efficient payments
Suppliers love using Tradeshift because invoices get processed fast— meaning they get paid faster too.


Clear insights and business intelligence
Using Tradeshift’s e-invoicing system means you get clear insight into all payments the business is making, with no confusion about where invoices are and whether they’ve been paid.

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