Important e-Invoicing Compliance Update: 4 Countries

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The world of e-invoicing compliance is fast-paced, with new regulations popping up seemingly every day. Navigating the landscape of Continuous Transaction Controls (CTC) and regional clearance models is a full-time job. Different countries have different rules, and staying on top of them all can be overwhelming.

We’ve partnered with Shared Services Link to bring to you this webinar designed specifically for mid-sized and large organizations navigating the ever-shifting e-invoicing compliance mandates. We’ll untangle the complexities of Continuous Transaction Controls (CTC) – the new wave of regulations taking hold across the globe.

Here’s what else you’ll gain:

• Understanding of the rapidly evolving global e-invoicing compliance landscape

• Deep dives into the specific CTC mandates for Romania, Poland, France, Malaysia, and a surprise bonus country

• Tradeshift’s proven approach to navigating e-invoicing compliance with ease

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Meet our speakers

Rolf Njor Jensen headshot Sept 2021

Rolf Njor Jensen

SVP Technology Platform, Tradeshift

Susie West

Susie West

CEO, Shared Services Link

Beyond e-invoicing compliance - Get more with AP automation

The right platform will not just comply with all the regulations, but will improve collaboration with your suppliers and help build resilience in your supply chain. Companies also need flexibility to scale and grow. AP solutions like Tradeshift, represent a platform that encourages you to grow at your own pace. Tradeshift has millions of connections in over 160 countries in the world and we offer global e-invoicing compliance – so really, the sky is the limit.

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