Make buying faster, More compliant, and More secure

E-procurement is the process of B2B buying and selling goods and services electronically.

Procurement should be as simple as any other everyday purchase. But for most organizations today, authorizing purchase requests, identifying suppliers, issuing POs, and making payments are needlessly complex.

If you’re still issuing paper purchase orders or you’re using procurement software with extremely limited and static catalogs, it’s time to make a change. E-procurement is about to make your life a whole lot easier.

Why you need E-Procurement

What’s wrong with analog procurement methods:

Rogue purchases

Your buyers ‘go rogue’ and buy outside the system when they have to work with limited catalogs and confusing purchase methods.

Crazy paper (and email) trails

Everyone hates working with the long paper trails of analog systems, but that’s still how most organizations function today.

It’s just as confusing for your suppliers

If your employees hate your complex procurement process, you can bet your suppliers hate it too.

Not fit for a globalized economy

Traditional procurement is fine if you’re buying from local businesses. But when suppliers speak different languages and are on the other side of the world? Not so good.

Why an e-procurement solution is better for your business:

Purchase like you buy anything else

An e-procurement platform gives you and your teams an easy-to-use marketplace for making fast purchases easy.

Boost compliance

When it’s easy to buy on a marketplace, it’s easier to follow the rules and have a reliable and measurable record of purchases.

Control and clarity

E-procurement platforms let you see exactly what’s being bought in real-time, so you can always stay on top of spend.

A joy for your suppliers

Tradeshift’s marketplace is easy to use and makes life for your buyers much simpler. Plus, they get paid faster – so everyone’s happy.

Intelligent E-Procurement for buyers and sellers

Tradeshift is the world’s largest cloud-based e-procurement platform. Buyers at businesses like Air France-KLM, HSBC and ADM use our e-procurement solution every day, not to mention thousands of buyers and sellers in SMEs around the world. Tradeshift makes e-procurement easier, more efficient, and secure. Here’s how:

Everything in one place

Information on every product, supplier, purchase, and order progress in one easy-to-use online platform, meaning complete compliance with your procurement processes.

Optimized for employees

Our procurement solution makes it incredibly easy for employees to log on, make purchases, and discuss buying decisions with colleagues.

E-procurement integration with major apps

Tradeshift integrates with a wide range of buying, payment processing, and invoicing apps so you can keep working with your favorite tools.

Suppliers love it

Tradeshift is a dream for your suppliers — they can receive orders, make clarifications, and get invoices processes fast — all in one place.

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