B2B marketplace

A B2B Marketplace just like any online shopping platform.

B2B Marketplaces connect buyers to multiple suppliers on a centralized platform.

Whether you’re a supplier or a buyer, using an online B2B marketplace should be as easy as using any online shopping platform. Manufacturers should be able to market their products at a low cost and find new buyers from around the world. Their customers should have access to a global B2B network of verified, secure, and trusted suppliers.

Yet most B2B global networks today are confusing, expensive, hard to use, and are often focused on specific countries—limiting their value. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s why you should use a B2B marketplace:

Using a B2B marketplace saves everyone time and money

The problem with traditional B2B sales and procurement:

Marketing is expensive
Unless you’re a major manufacturer with a huge marketing budget, getting new leads is expensive and time-consuming.

Lost relationships and trust
Trade is all about relationships and trust. If you can’t get easy insight into data, you may hold back from working with companies you don’t know.

Poor quality websites
Many of today’s online B2B networks are just poorly integrated systems with outdated SKUs and inventory.

Lack of new partners
Without a simple way to digitally manage your partnerships, you miss out on new relationships. Instead, you have to maintain a relationship with a buyer or supplier that yields no real return just because it’s too hard to find someone else.

Why a global B2B procurement platform is better:

Cheaper and easier to buy and sell
A B2B marketplace gives you a single, easy-to-use portal to sell your products or buy the goods you need.

Simple storefront
A B2B marketplace provides a single standardized user interface. Say goodbye to printing and reading hundreds of lengthy catalogs and hello to a digital network with instant search results.

Trusted and secure
An online B2B marketplace gives everyone the confidence that goods will be paid for and produced. It also creates a clear dispute resolution process.

Expand your B2B network
A B2B marketplace gives you the tools to create digital criteria to seek out and connect with new customers and suppliers with confidence.

A B2B marketplace that makes everyone’s lives easier

Tradeshift is the world’s largest B2B e procurement marketplace. Buyers at businesses like Air France-KLM, NHS and HSBC use our platform every day—not to mention thousands of buyers and sellers at SMEs across the planet.

Putting relationships first

We’ve built our platform to facilitate conversation, connections and personal contact. You can communicate in real-time on our platform along every step of the procure-to-pay process and get real and verifiable insight instantly with our AI, Ada.

Easy to use yet sophisticated

B2B marketplaces should be as simple as equivalent consumer platforms. And B2B marketplaces should also allow you to keep control of what you sell, who you sell it to, and at what prices and tenders.

Secure and trusted

All users on our platform are verified, and our payment systems are secure and trusted by millions of companies all over the world

Connect your B2B network with apps and tools

We work with over 100 third-party app partners to provide a simple, efficient and fast way for customers to accelerate their supply chain digitization journey.

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