Engage vendors with Supplier Relationship Management

Eliminate confusion, reduce risk, and improve supplier relationships

Healthy Supplier relationships are essential for your business, yet for many companies managing those relationships it’s still done manually.

Supplier relationship management software automates and centralizes every aspect of the supplier relationship, combining communication, assessment, and onboarding in one platform, giving you total control.

Have better communication and stay secure with supplier relationship management tools

What’s wrong with traditional supplier relationship management:

Non-compliant and potentially insecure

The manual assessment process means that key steps are easily missed, leading to non-compliance of legal requirements and major fines.

Higher probability of misunderstandings

We all know the effects of poor communication: misconstrued information, frustration, and poor performance.

Lack of visibility over vendors

Whether you have a handful of vendors or hundreds, you lack overall visibility and knowledge when information isn’t centrally located.

Lack of standardization

Without centralized payment terms, contracts and other paperwork, you waste time and money reorganizing every deal.

Why supplier relationship management software is better for your business:

Compliant and secure

Supplier relationship management software tools gives you a complete view of all decisions and documentation, meaning you can verify issues and resolve them fast

Clear communication

By using a centralized platform for all messaging and collaboration, vendors and procurement teams are always on the same page.

Visibility across your whole network

With all your vendors under one roof, you have a clear view of how they’re performing. See who’s meeting targets and who’s underachieving.

Consistency and savings

A centralized supplier relationship management platform allows you to manage all aspects of your supplier relationships and easily identify cost savings.

Meet Tradeshift’s comprehensive supplier relationship management software

We understand the challenges of supplier relationship management. Tradeshift works with some of the world’s leading procurement teams at organizations, like Air France KLM and the British NHS. We’ve built our supplier relationship management tools to make managing the vendor lifecycle as smooth and secure as possible. Here’s how:

Extensive integrations

Our platform integrates a wide range of project management software, including ERP, HR tools, and more. Whatever your IT system, we’ve got you covered.

Global supplier relationship management

Your supply chain is global, so we designed our interface to facilitate global communication, ensuring it complies with laws and regulations around the world

A powerful, highly secure, and centralized communication portal

Message all of your vendors at the same time within a single platform—whether that’s contacting them about a new regulation, requesting documents or providing performance targets. And switch easily between vendors on one centralized vendor data portal.

An automated vendor lifecycle management process

We’ve digitized every aspect of the vendor management process, including vendor assessments, legal compliance, and more.

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