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Bring your sellers closer.

Don’t just push your sellers through another dreaded portal. Offer real value instead with Tradeshift Engage. It’s the only solution to bring sellers free access to collaboration and analytics. Lead your sellers into a more productive partnership from day one.

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Good data = fewer inquiries.

Engage gives your sellers a dashboard view of transaction and payment analytics paired with data from the Tradeshift network. Invoices, POs, payments—it’s all here. More and better information leads to fewer inquiries.

Collaboration that’s a cut above.

Got a problem? Solve it on the spot. With an easy to use communication interface, you can work instantly with sellers to prevent issues from becoming roadblocks.

Apps for everything else.

Once your sellers are connected on the Tradeshift network, they can activate apps to get add-on services and features, opening doors to endless possibilities for you and your sellers.

What if your sellers loved doing business with you?

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Give your sellers a personalized experience from the start.

With adaptive onboarding, sellers get real value from their first contact with Tradeshift. They get personalized invitations to onboard as well as access to invoice data and payment estimates. All that before they’ve even created an account.


Provide deeper value through insights and analytics.

Now that you’ve got your sellers onboard, you can give them more of the things they need. Transaction visibility, advanced analytics, actionable insights—these are just a few of the benefits to sellers for joining your network. Engage uses data from the network and from your ERP solution to serve up faster answers and more powerful insights.


Keep track of your communications in one place.

Chatting with sellers has never been easier. All interactions in Engage are tracked and documented so you’ll never have to search your inbox for context again. Easily attach invoices, credit notes, remittance and support documentation—all that, and a fast, intuitive interface to boot. Easy.


Help sellers get paid sooner.

Paid sellers are happy sellers. When sellers sign up for Engage, they have access to Tradeshift Cash, Tradeshift’s early payments solution. Cash can pay them early without any outlay of money on your part. Win-win.

Seller inquiries can take up to a quarter of your time.

According to Ardent Partners, you’re wasting a lot of time on seller inquiries. It’s not just questions about when sellers will get paid, it’s time tracking down their phone numbers and updating their contact information.

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22% of AP FTE is spent responding to seller inquiries.

Andrew Bartolini
Ardent Partners

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