e-Invoicing Compliance

Supercharge your e-invoicing compliance capabilities, globally.

Master global e-invoice compliance no matter where you do business.

Tradeshift enables organizations to conduct business with suppliers worldwide because we support global e-invoicing and tax regulatory compliance with coverage of  50+ countries–all on one platform–including both post-audit and clearance models.

Through a library of validators that are customized for each country’s unique rules and updated as regulations change, Tradeshift ensures that your e-invoices have the legally required data, tax information, and correct format.  In countries with clearance models, Tradeshift can streamline external validation with government authorities worldwide before invoices enter your system.

Tradeshift provides country-specific compliant e-invoice processing in 50+ countries by helping customers address all requirements needed to do business. The current list of  countries that we cover is kept up-to-date and is available here.

Tradeshift recently announced the first-of-its-kind e-invoicing capabilities that help companies doing business in China send and receive electronic purchase orders and invoices with cross-border trade partners. In doing so, they link one of the world’s largest economies to the rest of the world across the Tradeshift network.

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How Tradeshift keeps your e-invoicing compliant


Document validations

Tradeshift’s e-invoicing document validations are configured individually for each customer and are used to confirm that all required information is included in every inbound document. By making certain information mandatory, authenticity can be addressed.


Connection model

To connect buyers with suppliers and take full advantage of the Tradeshift service mutual acceptance by both parties is required. Before any invoices can be sent from a supplier to a buyer the buyer must accept the supplier connection on the Tradeshift platform.

During this step, a buyer can put business controls in place to prevent invitations out to, or acceptance of connections with, suppliers that have not been validated as meeting the buyer’s compliance requirements.

Workflow and matching

Customers may elect to utilize the Tradeshift Pay workflow and matching features as an additional step to address validity.

Tradeshift’s workflow matching solution performs a step whereby all incoming invoices are matched with issued purchase orders and/or goods receipt documents from the Buyers’ systems.

E-invoicing compliance with Tradeshift

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