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This Nordic venture could well end up disrupting not just the business software industry but the banking industry as well.
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12月 2, 2019
Highlights include over 2x revenue growth and expansion […]   Read more »
11月 19, 2019
Hiring Spree Prompts Office Move for Tradeshift’s Bucha […]   Read more »
11月 14, 2019
The partnership will help customers achieve better purc […]   Read more »
11月 13, 2019
82% of businesses hit by payments fraud in past year Bl […]   Read more »
10月 25, 2019
Tradeshift, la piattaforma di collaborazione con i fornitori in più rapida crescita, ha annunciato oggi una partnership con BuyerQuest, la soluzione di   Read more »
Tradeshift, le leader des paiements de la supply chain et des places de marché, a remporté le Treasury Management International Treasury4Good Award   Read more »
Tradeshift, leader nei pagamenti e nei mercati della supply chain, è stata scelta da Axfood per introdurre la trasformazione   Read more »
Tradeshift, das führende Unternehmen für Supply-Chain-Zahlungen und Marktplätze, hat heute eine neue App-Integration von  TransferMate Global Payments bekannt gegeben   Read more »
Tradeshift, die am schnellsten wachsende Plattform für die Zusammenarbeit mit Lieferanten, gab heute eine Partner   Read more »
Tradeshift, leader nei pagamenti e nei mercati della supply chain, ha annunciato oggi una nuova integrazione di app   Read more »
Les points notables des résultats du quatrième trimestre sont 49 nouvelles entreprises clientes, une croissance des commandes annuelles de 250 % et 11 trimestres consécutifs de croissance.   Read more »
Tradeshift, le leader des paiements de la supply chain et des places de marché a annoncé aujourd’hui l’intégration d’une nouvelle App de   Read more »
Tradeshift, das führende Unternehmen für Supply-Chain-Zahlungen und -Marktplätze, wurde von Axfood ausgewählt, um die digitale Transformation seiner Procure-to-Pay-Prozesse voranzutreiben   Read more »
Bristlecone, partner fidato nella trasformazione della supply chain, ha annunciato oggi una nuova collaborazione strategica con Tradeshift   Read more »
Tradeshift, le leader des paiements de la supply chain et des places de marché, a été sélectionné par Axfood pour mener la transformation numérique de ses processus Achat   Read more »
Bristlecone, ein zuverlässiger Partner im Bereich Supply-Chain-Transformation, gab heute eine neue strategische Partnerschaft mit Tradeshift   Read more »
I risultati principali del quarto trimestre includono 49 nuovi clienti aziendali, una nuova crescita delle prenotazioni annuali del 250% e 11 trimestri consecutivi di crescita.   Read more »
partenaire de confiance en matière de transformation de la supply chain, a annoncé aujourd’hui un nouveau partenariat stratégique avec Tradeshift,   Read more »
Zu den Highlights des vierten Quartals zählen 49 neue Unternehmenskunden, ein jährliches Buchungswachstum von 250 Prozent und nunmehr elf Quartale anhaltenden Wachstums.   Read more »
10月 16, 2019
Partnership will Help Customers Effectively Manage Larg […]   Read more »
9月 23, 2019
QEDIT technology applies the latest mathematical scienc […]   Read more »
9月 20, 2019
Partnership will Give Tradeshift Customers Detailed Und […]   Read more »
8月 27, 2019
Partnership Will Give Tradeshift Customers Instant Savi […]   Read more »
7月 1, 2019
More than 40% of Tradeshift customers currently use Go […]   Read more »
4月 4, 2019
Tradeshift, la plateforme de collaboration entre fournisseurs à la croissance la plus rapide, a annoncé aujourd’hui un partenariat avec BuyerQuest, la solution d’eProcurement de nouvelle génération qui associe l’expérience du shopping eCommerce B2C aux achats d’entreprise B2B.   Read more »
Tradeshift, the fastest growing supplier collaboration platform, today announced a partnership with BuyerQuest, the next-generation eProcurement solution that brings the B2C eCommerce shopping experience to B2B Enterprise Procurement.   Read more »
Tradeshift, the fastest growing supplier collaboration platform, today announced a partnership with BuyerQuest, the next-generation eProcurement solution that brings the B2C eCommerce shopping experience to B2B Enterprise Procurement.   Read more »
4月 3, 2019
leader nei pagamenti e nei mercati della supply chain, ha ottenuto il Treasury Management International Treasury4Good Award come migliore soluzione tecnologica CSR/ESG in riconoscimento della sua partnership con FRDM (precedentemente Made in a Free World)   Read more »
Tradeshift, el líder en pagos de la Supply Chain y Marketplaces, ha sido seleccionado por Axfood para llevar a cabo una transformación digital en sus procesos de Procure to Pay.   Read more »
Tradeshift, the leader in supply chain payments and marketplaces, has been selected by Axfood to bring digital transformation to its procure-to-pay processes.   Read more »
Award highlights Tradeshift’s commitment to providing customers world-class corporate social responsibility apps on its unique open-source platform   Read more »
Tradeshift, el líder en pagos a proveedores de la Supply Chain y Marketplaces, ha obtenido el premio Treasury Management International Treasury4Good   Read more »
2月 28, 2019
Tradeshift, the leader in supply chain payments and marketplaces, today announced a new app integration from TransferMate Global Payments.   Read more »
Tradeshift, el líder en pagos a proveedores de la Supply Chain y Marketplaces, ha anunciado hoy la incorporación de una nueva aplicación de  TransferMate Global Payments.   Read more »
2月 25, 2019
Bristlecone, el socio de confianza en la transformación de la Supply Chain, ha anunciado hoy una nueva asociación estratégica con  Tradeshift, el líder mundial en pagos a proveedores de la Supply Chain y Marketplaces.   Read more »
Strategic Alliance Expands Bristlecone’s Portfolio of Digital Transformation Technologies   Read more »
1月 22, 2019
Los puntos más destacados de los resultados del 4T incluyen 49 nuevos clientes corporativos, un nuevo crecimiento de reservas anuales del 250 % y 11 trimestres de crecimiento consecutivo.   Read more »
Q4 result highlights include 49 new enterprise customers, new annual bookings growth of 250 percent and eleven quarters of successive growth.   Read more »
1月 11, 2019
Tradeshift, das führende Unternehmen für Supply-Chain-Zahlungen und -Marktplätze, hat in Anerkennung seiner Partnerschaft mit FRDM (ehemals Made in a Free World) die “Treasury Management International Treasury4Good”-Auszeichnung für die beste CSR-/ESG-Technologielösung erhalten, mit der sich Herausforderungen in Bezug auf Menschenhandel in der Supply Chain besser aufzeigen und angehen lassen.   Read more »
App approach marks a breakthrough in making it easier for more businesses to take a proactive stance on human trafficking   Read more »
12月 18, 2018
Debut of Tradeshift Link brings Integration-as-a-Service to Tradeshift’s open network.   Read more »
11月 1, 2018
Agreement focuses on cross-border supplier verification, sanctions checking and monitoring and audit-proof company information.   Read more »
10月 19, 2018
Momentum highlights include ten quarters of successive growth and 400 percent increase in revenue YoY   Read more »
7月 19, 2018
Highlights include 38 new enterprise customers in the quarter, new annual booking growth of 315%, and $250 million in Series E funding   Read more »
6月 6, 2018
The first implementation on the supply chain liquidity marketplace is currently in a pilot test for Tradeshift Cash   Read more »
6月 1, 2018
Evaluation Based on Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute   Read more »
5月 30, 2018
Goldman Sachs and PSP Investments lead funding round for market leader in supply chain payments and marketplaces.   Read more »
5月 21, 2018
Payments leader partners with HSBC, Santander and major banks to attack $9 trillion global commerce problem   Read more »
3月 13, 2018
Strategic agreement expands Canon’s efforts to help clients greatly improve their supply chains   Read more »
1月 22, 2018
Inclusive approach to unlock supply chain value and enable commerce for all   Read more »
1月 16, 2018
Latest win confirms open business commerce platform model as strategic to global logistics and transportation industry   Read more »
1月 9, 2018
“Tradeshift’s acquisition of IBX shakes up the business network market,” report states   Read more »
12月 12, 2017
Further enabling best-in-class Source to Pay solutions   Read more »
10月 11, 2017
Participation in community effort to bridge blockchains to the Tradeshift platform to further digitize global commerce; company plans to open source key platform components   Read more »
8月 10, 2017
Recognition from top-tier independent analyst firm as a strong performer in eProcurement   Read more »
7月 11, 2017
Collaboration to deliver fully digitized cloud-based offerings to unlock capital to buyers and power business-to-business commerce. Combined expertise will offer innovative and efficient service capable of extending the reach of traditional supply chain finance.   Read more »
4月 6, 2017
New collaboration feature, redesigned punchout, and improved analytics further extend company’s position as market-leading innovator   Read more »
4月 5, 2017
CreditEase app provides powerful credit option to Chinese suppliers on the Tradeshift platform to strengthen cross-border supply chains   Read more »
3月 30, 2017
Customers will be able to manage procurement, accounts payable, supply chain finance and settlement all on one platform   Read more »
3月 24, 2017
New intelligence layer, Ada, allows for native and third-party development using artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for over 1.5 million businesses   Read more »
3月 16, 2017
Former SAP executive joins Tradeshift to lead marketing initiatives as company heads into accelerated expansion period   Read more »
3月 8, 2017
Deal adds half a million suppliers to business network, 27 million SKUs, and puts Tradeshift on track to process half a trillion dollars in transacted value by 2018   Read more »
1月 30, 2017
With the strategic partnership Wipro is standardizing on Tradeshift to offer a global BPaaS utility   Read more »
1月 17, 2017
Tradeshift and CNBC partner to gather top execs and innovators to explore how technology and creativity can help bring equality and stability worldwide   Read more »
11月 29, 2016
Latest investments support China’s $140B ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative and global trade growth   Read more »
10月 27, 2016
Company’s latest Series D funding round fuels Asia-Pacific expansion   Read more »
8月 30, 2016
New list by Battery Ventures and Glassdoor points to key success factors that make Tradeshift the leading procure-to-pay vendor in the cloud-computing ecosystem   Read more »
6月 23, 2016
Industry-first conversational assistant speeds payments and travel booking for users while giving finance departments real-time spend visibility   Read more »
6月 9, 2016
Data Collective leads and HSBC, American Express Ventures, among others, join as new investors   Read more »
3月 29, 2016
Partnership plays a role to digitize cross-border trade and enable China’s Internet Plus strategy to modernize its economy as outlined in the government’s 13th Five-Year Plan   Read more »
3月 8, 2016
MetaProcure’s managed procurement services powered by Tradeshift delivers sustainable supply chain management value   Read more »
2月 2, 2016
Tradeshift Continues Global Momentum With Record Growth in 2015 Achieves nearly 250% year-over-year growth in transaction value and signs new customers from across the Fortune 500   Read more »
1月 7, 2016
Global insurance company adopts platform for complete procure-to-pay transformation   Read more »
11月 3, 2015
Tradeshift® Risk Brings Real-Time Risk Monitoring and Compliance to Supplier Collaboration Platform   Read more »
10月 15, 2015
Tradeshift is now the global e-invoicing platform for e-Everything   Read more »
9月 29, 2015
Tradeshift® Buy Unites Buyers, Suppliers and Products in Single, Open Collaborative Platform   Read more »
9月 17, 2015
Selectica SmartSource® App Delivers Integrated Sourcing Solution on Tradeshift Platform   Read more »
8月 27, 2015
Tradeshift referenced in: Multienterprise Grid Functionality; All-In-One Supplier Collaboration Platforms; Dynamic Discounting; E-invoicing; and Procurement Networks   Read more »
8月 11, 2015
Best-In-Class Product Information Management (PIM) Boosts Value of the Tradeshift Network   Read more »
7月 23, 2015
Monthly platform transactions exceed billions of dollars with over 2 million activations of supplier collaboration apps.   Read more »
7月 21, 2015
App Integration Helps Customers Achieve Sustainable Procurement Goals   Read more »
6月 30, 2015
Adding the C2FO App to the Tradeshift Platform Will Provide More Suppliers Access to the World’s Largest Working Capital Market   Read more »
6月 11, 2015
Global supply chain expertise accelerates Tradeshift’s mission to connect the world’s buyers and suppliers on one cloud platform   Read more »
5月 5, 2015
Former Concur / SAP Executive To Lead Global Platform Expansion   Read more »
4月 14, 2015
Newest Customer Win Solidifies Strong Presence in Europe   Read more »
2月 4, 2015
Tradeshift, the fastest growing business transformation and collaboration platform, today announced two new ventures in France.   Read more »
1月 27, 2015
The alliance with Japan’s largest staffing company further solidifies Tradeshift’s presence in Japan following their 2014 entry into the region.   Read more »
1月 21, 2015
The Company Brings 25 Fortune 500 Companies Into the Circular Economy   Read more »
1月 8, 2015
Tradeshift Closes 2014 With Year-over-Year Network Transaction Growth of 600%   Read more »
12月 16, 2014
Initiative Inspired By Being Named a Finalist in The Circulars   Read more »
9月 25, 2014
Tradeshift’s expansion efforts began earlier this year when the company established a presence in China on the heels of securing $75 million in funding.   Read more »
6月 30, 2014
New market research shows most accounts payables organizations are lagging behind in automation at a time when they’re increasingly under pressure to contribute strategically to enterprise financial operations.   Read more »
6月 18, 2014
The Tradeshift platform will provide an open and fluid environment to transact over 2.5 million invoices annually between ADM and its global supplier network.   Read more »
5月 1, 2014
First-of-its-Kind Co-innovation Initiative Expected to speed up time-to-benefit for enterprise procure to pay organizations   Read more »
2月 25, 2014
Series C Round to Fund Global Expansion; Forms Growth Partnership in Asia   Read more »
3月 5, 2012
As a result, true 100% online invoicing is now within reach for every business in the world – the vital innovation that will bring e-invoicing to the masses.   Read more »

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