AP automation

Stop wasting hours on manual accounts payable invoicing

Ap automation is the automation of accounts payable processes, removing manual tasks and increasing strategic control

Accounts payable is one of the most important functions in any organization, but that doesn’t mean you should spend hours every month on it.

Your skills and financial knowledge go way beyond filling in spreadsheets and checking whether invoices have been paid.
That’s why AP automation is a game changer.

Too many businesses waste time hunting down invoices and using skilled accounting staff on data entry.
If that sounds familiar, it’s time you started using AP automation solutions.

AP automation takes over all those tedious tasks involved in processing and paying invoices, so you and your team can focus on bigger tasks.

Here’s why you should shift to AP automation

What’s wrong with standard AP processes:

Lost invoices
Invoices with the wrong PO number, sent to the wrong address or inbox, with the wrong supplier information creates hours of lost time.

So. Much. Paper.
Most companies still have to process paper invoices. That leads to bottlenecks, missing invoices, and pointless data entry.

Manual, tedious work
Paper-led processes mean time is wasted on tasks like data entry instead of using that time to be strategic and proactive.

Confusion about payments
When you’re dealing with spreadsheets and record books, it can be a long, slow hunt to find if an invoice has been paid or not.

What’s better with AP Automation:

Total control of spending
AP automation solutions give you a single environment where you can see every invoice and every payment instantly.

Pay on time
By automating payments, you get the time you need to choose when early payment discounts make sense for your business.

No errors
An automated system gets rid of any errors, meaning that every payment is made correctly down to the very last cent.

Go paperless
Offer a modern, smooth and easy method for processing and paying invoices—including easy supplier onboarding.

You deserve the best AP automation solution

Tradeshift is the world’s largest cloud-based accounts payable platform. Buyers at businesses like DHL, Air France-KLM, and Volvo use our AP automation solution to settle thousands of invoices every day. Tradeshift provides you with cutting edge AP automation:

Easy to use supplier submission process

Tradeshift gives your suppliers an easy-to-use platform to submit invoices and guarantee fast, efficient payment.

Smart wallet and bank friendly

We integrate smoothly with any bank and provide a smart wallet that lets you pay how you want, including virtual credit cards and blockchain payments.

Highly customizable

Tradeshift is highly customizable, app compatible, and designed to be compliant with country regulations wherever you do business.

AP automation makes payment secure and smart

We’ve designed our AP automation solution to do all the manual tasks of accounts payable to free up your time while still giving you complete control and transparency.

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