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Join Singapore’s E-invoicing Network and send digital invoices to your buyers with Tradeshift

Using Tradeshift to do business with your buyers ensures you can keep doing business — wherever they are, no matter what disruptions the future brings. Singapore’s nationwide E-invoicing network is an extension of the international Peppol E-Delivery Network allowing businesses to transact internationally with other linked companies as well as Singapore Government agencies. Register now on Tradeshift and get signed up on Singapore’s E-invoicing Network to receive electronic invoices from your customers via Tradeshift. Follow the instructions below to start transacting digitally today for free.

Complete the form to receive your activation link to Tradeshift

Finish registering with Tradeshift

When you get an account activation notification from Tradeshift, click the link embedded in the email and finish creating your Tradeshift account. Make sure to include both your company’s GST and Unique Entity Number.

Send your first invoice on Tradeshift to your buyer

Your customer might be on Tradeshift as well. Open the Create Documents app from the left-hand navigation, select “Invoice.” Search for your buyer or add a new contact and fill in the information unique to your invoice (e.g. invoice number, issue date, payment due date, etc). Send the invoice to your buyer when finished. (See the From the “Create document” launcher section of theHow do I create an invoice?

Send Invoices to your customers on the Singapore E-Invoicing / Peppol Network

If your customer is not on Tradeshift but is able to receive e-Invoices via the Singapore E-Invoicing Network or Peppol in general then you can find them in the Peppol directory. Make sure they can receive e-Invoices via Peppol:

Use the Peppol app in Tradeshift to create connections which will allow you to send your invoices via Peppol to any recipient on the Singapore E-Invoicing Network in the next step.

When you now create a new invoice using the Create Documents app select a recipient with the blue Peppol icon to the right:

You will then fill out the other details in the form and can finally send this invoice via Peppol:

For videos aimed at helping you to hit the ground running on Tradeshift, check out Getting Started on Tradeshift University.