The easiest way to get spend visibility & control

Company credit cards, expenses and managing spend is complex. Make life easier with Tradeshift Go.



Go, I require a second hammer.



Okay! I have messaged Odin and asked for his approval.

Approved for Thor: New hammer

Go Card


You have my thanks.

Track who's spending and approving what
— in seconds.

Go helps you manage everyday company spending as it happens. With single-use virtual credit cards and in-the-moment approvals, employees can buy what they need online, when they need it.

Get instant transparency into credit card purchases and make manual reconciliations a thing of the past.

Try it with travel.
Oh, the places you'll Go.

Your smart new virtual travel agent can help you do other tasks too—starting with booking your next work trip. Book your flights, hotels, rental cars and restaurants simply by saying where you're headed: Go does the rest.

No matter what you use credit cards for (office supplies, recurring IT costs, your next trip to NYC), Go helps you get it.

Enter your mobile # below to receive a text with a link to download the app. Be one step closer to meeting your new virtual travel agent!



Hi Freya, what can I do for you?



I need a flight from Oslo to JFK, landing tomorrow at 8pm.



I found this flight for you:


How it works:

Super simple requests & approvals

Use Go's simple chat interface to request items and get approvals. Communicate through a web browser, mobile app, email, or chat.

Issue virtual credit cards

Once a purchase request is approved, Go issues a single-use virtual credit card from your established corporate credit card program. Employees simply drag and drop their card onto the payment page at checkout.

Instant insights on spend trends

Go’s dashboard tells you who’s spent and approved what, at a glance. Track individual transactions that include buyers, approvers, and department codes. You’ll get alerts for abnormal spikes in spend patterns and when you’ve reached budget limits.

Earn and share your rewards.

Go is free for users. You only pay with a portion of the credit card rewards you earn. Earn more by consolidating your rewards in one central account.

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Evil wizardry or surprisingly simple spend management tool? You decide.