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Raise your commercial card to the power of Go

Employee spending often remains hidden until it shows up on an expense report. Tradeshift Go lets employees make purchases they need while still giving you the control you want. It’s simple—your employees request a purchase from their preferred device, you create a virtual copy of your credit card and set spending limits.

No matter how many employees you have, you only need one card

Approve purchases immediately

With Go, you can issue on-demand virtual cards in seconds and monitor and maneuver your team’s spending. You can also streamline workflow for purchase approvals and limits the credit you take on by opening several stand-alone accounts.

Gain control over employee spend

Managers can easily track spend across projects or subscriptions. Tradeshift Go works with issuing
banks to offer a convenient
payment option for
employees to use.

Eliminate POs and back-office work

Dump the administrative burden of traditional card programs in favor of an intuitive, compliant process that shifts time away from handling POs and invoices.

Here’s how it works—it’s easy

Approve employee purchase requests from any device

Fields are customizable so you can collect as little or as much information as you need.

Collaborate in real-time chat

You and your employees can easily chat, wherever they are, and create a record of the request in the Tradeshift Go application. Requests above a predetermined amount can be forwarded to other approvers.

Assign virtual cards that work just like a typical credit card

Once you approve a request, an encrypted virtual card number with a spend limit is issued to the employee.

Track requests easily

The purchase request has all the information you need to identify the spend and tie it to the right accounting code.

Reconcile employee purchases accurately

With receipt capture and a business justification connected to every approved purchase, reconciliation becomes faster and easier.

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