DHL & The Digitalisation of Finance: How can companies adapt to meet the new digital economy?

By digitalising repetitive tasks, competitive companies can free up working capital and redirect their efforts towards more value added activities.

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The last year has affected every business and meant that they need to look at different ways of digital working.  But the accelerated digitalisation brought upon businesses worldwide is far from complete. Global CFOs and CIOs worldwide are investigating strategies to simplify complex and time-consuming operations while preventing workflow disruptions and maintaining productivity levels. In this session Denis Krivakov from DHL and Christophe Bodin, discuss what organisations need to do now.

As workplaces gear themselves up for another potentially eventful year, innovative solutions may be key to peel off unnecessary labour from all financial operations. Facilitating remote working, removing manual activities like paper invoice processing and quickly identifying and preventing issues are some of the ways top leaders can focus on growth while adapting to a revolutionised work environment.

Watch the on-demand recording to learn:

  • In what way is digitalisation bound to shape financial operations?
  • What tools are available to enterprises in their quest towards the most effective use of their resources?
  •  How can modern solutions help businesses remain competitive in an increasingly globalised economy?

Meet our speakers

Denis Krivakov

Global Head of P2P

DHL Global Forwarding

Christophe Bodin

Chief Revenue Officer