Global Trade Index

The Tradeshift Index of Global Trade Health Q3

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Introducing a new model for the Index of Global Trade Health

For our Q3 Trade Index, we’re rolling out a new model that closely mirrors other globally
recognized indices including the WTO’s Goods Trade Barometer. We’ve made these changes to give our readers some clearer clues as to how quickly trade activity is recovering since COVID started to take hold and the extent to which activity is stable or volatile compared to activity levels we would typically expect to see on our platform during a given period.

The new model compares business-to-business transaction volumes (orders processed from buyers and invoices processed from suppliers) submitted via the Tradeshift platform since Q1 2020 against a ‘baseline’ we have created by analyzing medium-term seasonal trends in the transaction data that flows across our platform.

A reading of 100 indicates growth in line with expectation against historical trends. Readings greater than and below 100 indicate above-trend and below-trend growth.

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