Will AP be ready for an accelerated pace of regulatory change?

Getting e-invoicing right and 100% digital is becoming critical for the continuity of business operations altogether - now is the time to transform this from an obstacle to an enabler.

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In the context of a global health crisis, Brexit, and governments going digital, global organizations are driven to transform so they can come out the same or better based on digital, connected, and flexible.

Watch the recording to learn:

  • Friction on the finance and procurement agenda
  • Governments going digital - global trends and updates on e-invoicing mandates
  • Local point solutions and fragmented AP flows are not scalable and reverse digital transformation - global VAT strategy is key for staying in control of costs and compliance and ensuring continuity
  • What do businesses need to consider when planning their global VAT strategy

Meet our speakers

Filippa Jörnstedt

Senior Regulatory Counsel


Lyubov Skenderova

Product Globalization and Compliance Manager