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Workflow you will love

Tradeshift connects companies and empowers employees.

One platform to transact, collaborate and share.

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Announcing Tradeshift Dynamic Discounting

Both suppliers and buyers win.
And everyone likes winning.

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Tradeshift connects companies and empowers employees.
One platform to transact, collaborate & share.

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Faster payments,
bigger discounts

Tradeshift Dynamic Discounting.
Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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Everything your business requires to buy and sell – All on one platform.

Imagine a place where all companies, big and small, come together to work, collaborate and trade. Now stop imagining and start participating.

Tradeshift is the single, shared and open platform connecting you to your entire supply chain easily & without limitation.

Electronic invoicing

If sending email is free, then why do some companies charge people to send electronic invoices? The Tradeshift e-invoicing application puts the best and most powerful business tools in the hands of suppliers - and we do it for free. This means large corporations receive all their documents electronically. Turns out rethinking an old business model is the best and fastest way to deliver value to all businesses - large and small.

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Tradeshift invoicing
Automate the mundane

Collaborative workflow

Don’t restrict employees. Empower them. In doing so you empower your business. Tradeshift’s approach to workflow provides user solutions based on the values of collaboration and problem solving. Work smarter, more openly and more efficiently to optimize your processes and achieve your goals.

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Small, medium and enterprise businesses

Power of the platform

Tradeshift is not an ERP nor is it an accounting system. Tradeshift is a business platform. Countless apps can be activated on the platform to customize it to any business' needs - from purchase orders to payments, invoicing and more. Use Tradeshift connectors to integrate with the world's leading backend systems and accounting packages quickly and easily.

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Financial Solutions

Access to cash, the ability to leverage capital, payments and risk management. These are a handful of areas being disrupted by technology and innovation. Tradeshift apps are unlocking big data and changing the way banks and financial solutions companies operate and offer financing. Growing businesses access the money they need while enterprises reduce working capital and increase returns on excess cash.

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WEBINAR: Workflow You Will Actually Love

Tradeshift Collaborative Workflow is designed to help you achieve faster, smoother approval processes and seamlessly manage tasks while taking advantage of flexible and extensible technology.