EBG Source 2 Pay 2020

Wednesday, October 7, 2020 @ 8:30 AM CEST

Operational excellence with proven strategic effect - across functions and in-between organisations. Create operational excellence with proven strategic effect. We will discuss digitization, analytics, cross function and cross organization collaboration and much more.

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The idea being that challenges and opportunities within sourcing, procurement and finance need to be discussed as parts of an end-to-end process. The focus is to help you get concrete ideas how to make sure the efficiency and the effect you seek for a reality.

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Come by our booth to find out how you can make an impact on your business. See how Tradeshift can help you transform your business and put you on the path to digital transformation. To make sure we get a chance to connect, fill out the form to the right to schedule a meeting time.

Where? Virtual
When? October 7th

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Tradeshift will also host two theme discussions on early payment solutions, grab your seat and discuss this hot topic together with us.

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