AP Automation

Revolutionizing AP Spend: First Advantage’s Partnership with Tradeshift Go and American Express

Discover how global background screening leader First Advantage transformed their AP spend by partnering with innovative solutions from Tradeshift Go and American Express. Embrace the future of digital payments and revolutionize the way you manage your accounts payable with these powerful tools.

Video highlights:

“Tradeshift Go provides better visibility because we’re able to create point-of-use and single-use credit cards, so we know exactly what project or what type of spend that card was used for.”

— Steven Marks, SVP Accounting, First Advantage

“Beyond just the time of cost savings from Tradeshift Go, we’ve been able to get more comfortable with credit card spend: it provides cash flow benefits and comes with rewards that you don’t get from check and ACH payments.”

— Steven Marks, SVP Accoutning, First Advantage

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