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Poland releases update on delayed e-invoicing mandate

Poland e-Invoicing Mandate

Polish Government Releases Update on Delayed        e-Invoicing Mandate

By Elaine Rothman, Principal Solutions Architect, Tradeshift

The Polish Government goes cold on phased implementation, with a ‘big-bang’ roll-out for companies during the spring/summer of 2025 now the most likely option. 

Poland looks set to go ahead with the launch of KSeF, its national e-invoicing system, in either the spring or summer of 2025. That’s according to the latest updates from the government department leading the project. 

Originally planned for July 2024, the new launch date for mandatory B2B e-invoicing is expected to be announced by the end of April 2024 or the beginning of May 2024. The precise date will depend on an existing commitment by the Ministry of Finance to provide at least six months’  notice after the legislative process is complete.

Working groups established in mid-February to refine the e-invoicing solution have released a series of updates from a series of consultations that offer useful insight into how the mandate may continue to evolve prior to roll-out. 

Among the most significant updates to emerge, it now appears likely that the Polish Ministry will ditch plans for a phased implementation based on company size (turnover) in favor of a ‘big-bang’ approach.  B2C invoices may also be included earlier than planned, potentially on a voluntary basis at the outset.

Other notable insights to emerge from the recent consultation period include: 

  • The Ministry may water down requirements on bank payment or identifier details in transaction reporting. This reflects concerns in the EU ViDA Pillar 1 discussions (harmonizing e-invoicing)
  • The Ministry has recommitted to retaining the existing FA(2) logical structure for invoices until at least post-KSeF launch.
  • JPK_V7, an XML-based VAT reporting obligation, will be maintained because it contains data that is missing from KSeF


The Polish Ministry of Finance has published a comprehensive FAQ, including a list of over 100 questions and answers related to the national e-invoicing system (KSeF). 

Tradeshift continues to work with its customers to ensure that any business with a footprint in Poland is fully compliant with the e-invoicing mandate when it comes into effect. This forms part of our broader commitment to delivering global compliance as a service to every business that uses the Tradeshift platform.

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