Tradeshift helps businesses of all sizes build stronger, more resilient supply chains

Tradeshift has been helping enterprises drive better business outcomes for their digital supply chains for more than a decade. In these deeply uncertain times, there’s no better partner to help you navigate the world of trade. Tradeshift helps enterprises:

Build more transparent supply chains

When everything’s digital, everything’s visible. On the Tradeshift network, everyone across your supply chain is able to see the status of an invoice, payment or order in real-time.

Reduce costs through AI and automation

Free up your employees to do more of what you hired them for: tasks that directly add value to your business. When you automate repetitive tasks and deploy AI to help make smarter decisions, you minimize the busy work for everyone.

Increase optionality by adding a whole network of potential partners

Tradeshift onboards more than 40k sellers a month, which means you’ll have many more options to turn to when business is anything but usual. Find new markets for goods and services, connect strategically with a new partner, or replace a problematic vendor with one that’s a better fit—the options are limitless

See how Tradeshift helped the NHS transform their P2P processes so they could pay their suppliers even faster

Get insights into what’s shaping world trade that you won’t find in the news because it’s based on data exclusively available on our network

Discover 4 ways for your finance team to be more strategic

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Let’s get AP automated and digital

Elevate AP with the #1 network solution for automating the heck out of accounts payable processes. Go paperless and touchless for the whole order-to-pay cycle. Automate invoices by capturing them digitally—and get AI to do the rest.

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