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About us

The Tradeshift platform is an all-in-one e-business solution for companies around the globe. Apps, like e-invoicing, allow organizations of any size to bring business processes online. But that is just the beginning.

Tradeshift is on a mission to connect every business on the planet. And we are well on our way.

At Tradeshift, we stick to our values.

We believe in creating value over profit maximization.

We believe in transparency and knowledge sharing.

We believe in collaboration over command and control.

We believe in empowering the individual over micro-managed processes.

Business is broken

We realized long ago that modern business is broken. Growing companies that need to focus on what they love are plagued by user-unfriendly, time consuming solutions for tasks like invoicing and payments. At the same time enterprises striving for a more efficient digital future find themselves compromising when partners are not ready or willing to join such a reality.

Tradeshift changes all of this by establishing a platform for all your business interactions. It helps growing companies connect with their customers for free. Meanwhile, enterprises that work with tens of thousands of suppliers find themselves already surrounded by the partners they need to do business with everyday.


“Tradeshift is the first step toward
smarter, better, network-powered business.”



Christian Lanng, CEO and Cofounder of Tradeshift, was instrumental in the development and launch of Easytrade - the Danish e-invoicing infrastructure commissioned by the National IT and Telecom Agency. Easytrade saw a 95% adoption rate by businesses in Denmark.

Tradeshift Cofounders begin building first open platform for private business

The success of Easytrade across the Danish public sector proved that e-invoicing was the way of the future and businesses were hungry for such technology. So the team turned their attention to building a similar solution - but this time for the private sector.

Tradeshift launches in Copenhagen

By 2010 the first version of Tradeshift was ready for release in Copenhagen, Denmark. All eyes were on Christian and his team and it isn’t long before the reviews start coming in.

Tradeshift wins “Best Business Startup” in Europe

This is an exciting time to be disrupting the B2B space. Word spreads quickly - and the recognition starts pouring in.

Tradeshift launches Instant Payments

The first of Tradeshift’s financial services products - Instant Payments helps suppliers get access to the cash they need while enterprises optimize working capital and improve the relationships with their supply chain.

Tradeshift secures $17million in funding

Tradeshift recognized for “kicking-Ass Globally” by TechCrunch

Thank you TechCrunch! We couldn’t agree more. With active users in 190 countries we think this award was very well deserved.

Tradeshift opens new headquarters in San Francisco

When it comes to building a rapidly growing software company it sure helps to be headquartered in San Francisco were the talent is as rich as the VCs. Tradeshift opened offices in the SOMA district - right across the famed South Park

Tradeshift launches CloudScan®

By crowdsourcing the validation of data from emails and PDF invoices, CloudScan® converts these documents to an electronic format - freeing employees from having to re-enter data manually.

Vestas signs with Tradeshift

The multibillion dollar enterprise is the world’s largest manufacturer of wind turbines. Vestas works with nearly 10,000 suppliers, all of which now can interact with Vestas using free Tradeshift accounts.

Tradeshift partners with Intuit

Integrating Tradeshift into Intuit’s QuickBooks product instantly connects 5 million small and medium sized businesses to the Tradeshift platform - and creates the largest network of connected businesses in the world.

DHL selects Tradeshift

Global logistics leaders, DHL, selects the Tradeshift platform to handle business interactions with its suppliers. DHL is one of several global logistics companies to find success with the Tradeshift platform.

Tradeshift opens London office

Hip Hip Hooray! Tradeshift opens the doors to our London offices in Notting Hill.