Dynamic Discounting:

your cash, your strategy

Supercharge returns on your company’s cash and give suppliers access to crucial cash flow

Cash is a vital resource that should be adding value to your business. So break free from your legacy working capital strategy and earn eye-catching, risk-free returns on your company’s short-term cash. The deal is simple: the earlier you pay approved invoices, the less you pay. By capturing early payment discounts you’ll optimize working capital and boost your company’s bottom line, while your suppliers will enjoy faster, cheaper, and more flexible access to cash.

Dynamic Discounting is about to unlock value right across your enterprise, and underscore your finance department’s position as a value-adding, strategic partner.

Dynamic Discounting is a win-win

Here’s the problem with legacy supplier payment processes:

Too much paper

All too often finance departments are overwhelmed by a sea of paper invoices, causing confusion, errors, and bottlenecks. As a result, supplier invoices are rarely approved on time.

Misses out on savings

Slow invoice approval and static discounting arrangements mean only 12 percent of early payment opportunities are captured.

Creates supplier pain

Lengthy payment terms and late payments to suppliers hurt your suppliers in the short-term and will damage your company in the long-term.

Breaks supply chains

Supply chains are fragmented and fraught with distrust when there’s no visibility or certainty. This increases costs and creates inefficiency.

Here’s why Dynamic Discounting must be on your radar:

Go digital

Remove paper and automate early payment discounting management from the initial offer to agreement and transaction.

Capture discounts

Move beyond static discounting arrangements to capture more early payment opportunities with Dynamic Discounting and earn a risk-free return on surplus cash in excess of 20 percent APR.

Offer financing for all

Use Dynamic Discounting alongside an existing supply chain finance platform to push financing further down the supply chain.

Build supply chains that last

Provide suppliers with a unified experience for invoicing and early payments that help them manage receivables and access critical cash flow.

Discover Payments 2.0

Tradeshift’s Dynamic Discounting solution was built in close collaboration with some of the world’s largest buyers and their suppliers to develop a platform that provides you with a straightforward way to manage supply chain payments:

Get your own early payment wallet

Manage your working capital on your terms while paying suppliers on theirs. Tradeshift® Pay gives you access to a comprehensive “wallet” of early payment solutions including Dynamic Discounting, Supply Chain Finance, and Virtual Cards.

Pay on-the-go from wherever you are

Drive maximum supplier engagement with our super-intuitive platform that’s easy for both you as a buyer and your suppliers.

Leverage full visibility across your supply chain

Our platform is digital by default and provides complete transparency so you can monitor the performance of your early pay program and improve cash flow forecasting. While your suppliers clearly understand what early pay discounts are available and can capture these at the click of a button.

Build stronger connections with your suppliers

Offer early payment options to all your suppliers and tailor your program to fit each supplier segment.

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