Invoice Automation Systems

Take away the pain of manual invoicing with an Invoice Automation System

Your accounts payable team is too skilled to spend their days examining invoices and matching them up against PO and supplier numbers. It’s time to harness automated invoice processing and give your team the time back to focus on strategic work.

An invoice automation system should simply approve or deny the invoice without the hassle of checking whether it’s correct or not. With automated invoice processing you take total digital control of every invoice to create hyper-efficient AP automation that will benefit your business and your suppliers.

100% AP automation, zero mistakes

What’s wrong with legacy invoice approval systems?

Fragmented processes

The workflow for invoice payments can include many fragmented steps leading to delayed and time wasted.

Errors, errors, and more errors

Mistakes happen at every step when processing invoices manually, costing you time and the business money.

Doesn’t fit modern global supply chains

In London with a supplier in Hanoi? Sending traditional invoices is slow, time-consuming, and frustrating for everyone.

Complex and restricted

Traditional invoice processing workflows are complex and offer little flexibility, creating annoyance all round.

What’s better with invoice automation:

Process invoices in seconds

Modern invoicing approval software immediately cross-checks PO and supplier numbers against your records.

One-click approval that’s 100% error free

Save hours of time and simply approve or reject invoices safe in the knowledge that the system has done the manual work for you.

Comply with local laws

An online automated invoice system provides complete compliance with local legislation so it meets the needs of your global supply chain.

Keep processes open and efficient

Automatic invoice processing in the cloud lets you control and view your spending all in one place.

It’s time to make digital the default with accounts payable invoice automation

At Tradeshift, we’ve developed an e invoicing solution that quickly, flexibly, and efficiently processes invoices—all in line with your company policy and compliance requirements. Your suppliers can use the online invoice generator to create invoices with a few clicks, then your accounts payable team can approve payments with the press of a button. Here’s what our automated invoice approval software can offer your business:

Go paperless with e invoicing

Receive invoices, approve, and pay. It’s that simple. Automated intelligent processing gives your company more time to make the best use of cash.

Connect more suppliers, faster

Rapid, large-scale onboarding supported by a global team, effective campaigns, and intelligent automation.

Integrate seamlessly with your existing IT systems

Tradeshift effortlessly integrates with a wide range of ERP systems.

Collaborate in one place

Engage instantly with colleagues and suppliers over real-time chat for sharing tasks, documents, and status, wherever they are in the world.

Comply with AP requirements worldwide

Rest easy with global country-specific compliance, including China and India.

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