Connecting Tradeshift to SAP without the hassle

If you’ve struggled to leverage the power of Tradeshift and SAP, we have the solution.

Brait offers out-of-the-box integration to automate and monitor document flows from your ERP with a seamless user experience that offers a single source of truth for your business documents.

  • Plug & play add-on reliably exchanges your business documents and master data between Tradeshift and SAP.
  • Automate your workflows, integrate your invoices directly with FI/MM or SAP VIM by OpenText.
  • Monitor everything, both outbound and inbound, from the at-a-glance Business Cockpit.
  • Built 100% in ABAP under its own namespace, which means no impact on SAP upgrades or other SAP standard objects. Your data experiences no interruptions.

Quick setup and secure integration with SAP ECC or S/4HANA

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Seamless SAP add-on

Compatible with SAP ECC and S/4HANA, built on SAP ABAP, easy to maintain and extend. Native REST API integration with Tradeshift.

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Lightning fast setup

With e-invoicing and tax compliance in every country, including China and India, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got local regulations covered.

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Secure and reliable

SSL authenticated API integration. Connectivity via proxy or SAP PI. All connections can be initiated by SAP (outbound).

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Leverage your Tradeshift solution

Start synchronizing past POs, invoices, etc., so that your supplier feels at home from the beginning.

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  • Purchase Orders. Send POs and PO changes to Tradeshift to make them available for invoicing to the supplier.

  • Goods Receipts. Sync GRs with TS to allow 3WM.

  • Invoice / Credit Notes. Receive e-invoices directly in SAP (both PO and Non-PO) and post them using SAP standard methods.

  • Invoice Status Update. Give visibility to your supplier to reduce inquiries and phone calls.

  • Remittance Advice is coming soon!

  • AP Automation. Sync coding lists to Tradeshift: GL Accounts, Cost Centers, WBS Elements.

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Document Cockpit

Use the Single Source of Truth to monitor everything that has been or will be exchanged with Tradeshift, both outbound and inbound documents.

  • Display the real exchanged XML
  • See the log for each document, either outbound or inbound
  • Navigate to the original source document or the posted document
  • Send documents manually (if authorized)
  • Pull new documents manually (if authorized)

One alliance to manage your digital transformation

About Brait

We are experts in AP automation and SAP & B2B Networks integration. Our experience helps your organization take advantage of Tradeshift solutions. We have a record of successful collaborations with innovative financial & enterprise information management software providers.

About Tradeshift

Whether you are in procurement, payables, or finance, you only need one trade technology platform. Tradeshift helps businesses digitize
invoice processing, automate accounts payable workflows and scale without limits. We are a global network of buyers and sellers spread
across more than 160 countries. Do business globally? We’ve got you covered with in-country experts who can help you navigate local
laws and regulations to make sure you’re always in compliance. While other solutions “cloudify” legacy workflow processes, Tradeshift
eliminates them by making digital the default for orders, invoices, conversations, and all other transactions between buyers and sellers.
So you get more data, smarter AI, improved efficiency, and an increasingly resilient supply chain ecosystem. The future doesn’t care how
much you’ve invested in your rigid software suite, with Tradeshift apps, you’re not locked in—you can build your own, integrate with legacy
systems or choose from hundreds of app partners. That’s digital trade at scale. And it’s how you make shift happen. Tradeshift is the
single solution for businesses everywhere who rely on the global supply chain.