Supply Chain Collaboration by Quyntess

Manage your direct spend through apps built for order, shipment, and inventory collaboration.

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Making supply chain collaboration easy from forecast to shipment

Quyntess’ Supply Chain Collaboration apps help to optimize your complex supply chain processes by providing real-time visibility, communication and collaboration on a single platform.

From the time you publish your forecasted demand, to the time goods are delivered and invoiced, Quyntess apps work within Tradeshift’s platform to streamline your business. Interact with all your suppliers, no matter what size, and communicate with them directly through EDI or through the Tradeshift platform.

Quyntess: Supply Chain Technology Experts

Founded in 2004, Quyntess creates transparent, efficient supply chain collaboration processes in various industries. Quyntess’ mission is to simplify supply chain collaboration and integration. Quyntess provides ready-to-use supply chain collaboration applications, simplifying the execution and management of the end-to-end supply chain processes.

Tradeshift and Quyntess share a common vision: to create interconnected, cloud-based supply chain applications. Together, we ensure coverage of direct materials and simplify direct purchasing for customers.