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Paradigm Shift: What we’ve learned from a year and a half of work-from-home


In our opening session, watch Christophe Bodin, Chief Revenue Officer, Tradeshift, and Donna Donato, CEO Americas Region for ChainIQ in a lively discussion about lessons learned from the pandemic and why certain organizations can’t get back to the office fast enough while others are eagerly embracing remote work.

Christophe joined our company in the middle of the pandemic and, like so many other leaders, he had to get a handle on the operations, personalities, and responsibilities of his global organization all via Zoom. Donna has over 20 years of experience in procurement, strategic relationship management, and complex transactions—and coincidentally, also joined her organization last year remotely during Covid.

When it comes to supply chains, both Christophe and Donna agreed that volatility has become a constant and that while we might be headed out of one disruption, we don’t know when the next one might be around the corner.

Here are a few highlights from their conversation:

“For me in particular COVID is about reevaluation, what could we be more effective at? What do our customers really value in the limited time we have? What does it mean for our workers and the work/life balance with families?”

— Donna Donato, CEO Americas Region,

    Chain IQ

“Prior to the pandemic, Supply chains were all about lean manufacturing, no stocks, no inventory—well, that didn’t end well for us, did it? Now people are thinking about inventory, how much do I need to keep in stock. It really changed the way we think.”

— Christophe Bodin, CRO, Tradeshift

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