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Tradeshift Achieves French Government PDP Milestone

Tradeshift achieves a critical milestone by being granted inclusion in French Government’s official list of e-invoicing PDP Applicants

Tradeshift has reached another important milestone in its journey towards full PDP (Partner Dematerialisation Platform) certification following the company’s inclusion in the French government’s official list of applicants for PDP status.

Tradeshift is among 46 organizations whose applications for PDP status have been officially acknowledged by the DGFiP. These organizations will now move towards official certification. The final selection of certified partners is expected later this year, in time for a large-scale pilot testing phase in 2025.

A PDP is an e-invoicing service provider that is an official “partner” of the state. Once certified, the PDP will be responsible for hosting digital document exchanges for organizations bound by the mandate and reporting on transactions as per the legal requirements. Around half of all businesses with more than 250 employees are expected to use a PDP to comply with the French Government’s e-invoicing mandate.

In July 2023, France’s Ministry of Finance announced they would be postponing the implementation of mandatory e-invoicing to allow businesses more time to adapt to the requirements.

Under the revised proposals, starting in September 2026, all businesses will be required to be equipped to accept e-invoices. Furthermore, large companies (those with more than 5,000 employees and either a €1.5 billion turnover or a €2 billion balance sheet) and medium-sized companies will be mandated to adopt B2B e-invoicing and e-reporting.

The decision to delay implementation was welcomed by businesses facing a potentially unrealistic timeline to make the necessary changes to their processes. Even so, the clock is still ticking, and organizations face a relatively short window to bed in systems that will support the new mandate.

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Large organizations are understandably keen to move ahead with partner selection. While inclusion in the official list of PDP applicants is not a guarantee of final certification, it’s a great place to start for any business that’s looking to build up a short list of solution providers to help them achieve compliance in time for the new deadlines.

Supporting new regulations in France is ‘business as usual’ for Tradeshift and part of our commitment to offer compliance-as-a-service globally. Read more about how we can help your business stay agile to new regulations in France and anywhere you do business.

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