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Interview with Dominique Defache of Française des Jeux

Discover why FDJ, France’s largest lottery games company selected Tradeshift for global e-invoicing.

Dominique Defache, Accounting Manager at FDJ explains how the pandemic challenged their traditional purchase-to-pay processes and how they achieved the digitalization of their accounts payable department thanks to Tradeshift. Watch the video to learn more about what are the steps to take into account when embarking on a digital transformation project as well as best practices.

Here you can find some key statements from his interview:

“It is clear that the health crisis has accelerated the need to digitalize inter-business exchanges. For those who had not prepared before the crisis, I believe there will be a before and an after. We implemented the Tradeshift platform in February 2019 and since then, we have enrolled more than 500 suppliers and two thirds of our purchase orders and invoices are completely dematerialized through the platform.”

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