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Why Le Bon Marche chose Tradeshift for global e-invoicing

In this video interview, Lydie Paris, Project Lead and Émilie Chicherie, Accounts Payable Project
Coordinator at Le Bon Marché share with us their e-invoicing experience with Tradeshift, how they started their digital transformation project and best practices for managing this kind of project.

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

“The benefits of working with Tradeshift include freeing up your AP team to be more strategic by automating their more mundane tasks. Also, Tradeshift’s platform can help improve communication with your suppliers and make document handling more efficient and transparent.”

— Lydie Paris, Project Lead at Le Bon Marché

“Our key priorities are to harmonize processes, respect supplier payment deadlines, go paperless and lower internal costs”

— Lydie Paris, Project Lead at Le Bon Marché

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