Global Trade Index

Infographic: Global Transactions Continue to Slide


Global Transaction Volumes Fell for the Second Quarter in a Row

For the second quarter in a row, global transactions continued their decline. Learn more in this deep-dive infographic that visualizes some of the trends and data from our Q2 2022 Global Trade Index.

Key takeaways:


  • Global transactions continued their downward trend for the second quarter in a row, dropping an additional 6 points against the forecast range.
  • The Eurozone and UK follow the global pattern dropping an additional 5 points below the expected range while supply chain activity in the US fared marginally better
  • China experienced another 7 point fall in transaction volumes, attributable to more regional lockdowns and their zero-COVID policy.
  • Costs rose sharply: the average value of an invoice on the Tradeshift network is 11% higher than the average in 2021

Download the full Global Trade Index Report here

*Note, the data presented is compiled from anonymous data from our platform.


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