Say Goodbye to PDF and Paper Invoices with Tradeshift CloudScan®

LONDON–Tradeshift, the business-to-business social network, today announces Tradeshift CloudScan, a product, free to suppliers, that eliminates the need for manual input of invoices received via email, PDF or paper. As a result, true 100% online invoicing is now within reach for every business in the world – the vital innovation that will bring e-invoicing to the masses. Tradeshift CloudScan users can provide suppliers with a unique email address through which any document received is automatically converted into Tradeshift’s open digital format and appears seamlessly on the e-invoicing platform. By crowd-sourcing the validation of this data, businesses eliminate the process of laborious manual entry, while suppliers are paid more quickly than through conventional and sluggish approval processes. “The vast majority of invoices are still sent via paper or PDF,” explains Christian Lanng, CEO and co-founder of Tradeshift. “That’s a big stumbling block for companies that want to embrace the efficiency and cost saving benefits of e-invoicing. Tradeshift is committed to removing all the barriers to e-invoicing adoption and, by adding Tradeshift CloudScan to our platform, we’ve made it easier than ever for businesses of all sizes to bring everyday financial processes into the digital age.” Tradeshift has already revolutionised the industry by being the first provider to offer e-invoicing entirely free to suppliers and SMEs.Tradeshift CloudScan is now tearing down yet another barrier to adoption. CloudScan is the latest innovation developed internally at Tradeshift with a focus on ease-of-use. For example, in the event of missing or obscured fields, Tradeshift CloudScan automatically notifies the invoice supplier and lets them add any missing data – all achieved via a simple two-pane interface that compares the original document with the electronic equivalent. All this information is then remembered for the next invoice, so the process never needs to be repeated again. CloudScan will launch in Spring 2012 – to register your interest and access other features like Tradeshift Instant Payments, activate your free Tradeshift account here.

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