Tradeshift and MetaProcure Partner to Deliver Greater Procurement Innovation Across Global Platform

SAN FRANCISCO & DULUTH, Ga.-Tradeshift, the fastest growing supplier collaboration platform, today announced a partnership with MetaProcure, a leading provider of next-generation procurement solutions. As a reseller, MetaProcure will bundle its service offerings with the Tradeshift platform to bring to market a managed procurement services model that enables companies to jumpstart their Tradeshift® Buy eProcurement implementations. MetaProcure’s managed procurement services model for indirect spend allows companies to outsource the tactical, transactional work of buying and the management of all the complexity associated with suppliers. Tradeshift Collaborate, a feature within Tradeshift Buy, enables requisitioners to easily ask for procurement assistance, a service which is seamlessly provided by MetaProcure. Taken together, this functionality frees up client procurement teams to focus on strategic priorities and drive greater value. The managed procurement services model also delivers savings by significantly reducing or eliminating large up-front investments in favor of a pay-as-you-go fee structure based on attributes of the transaction. “We’re proud that MetaProcure is joining the Tradeshift partner ecosystem as a value-added reseller that incorporates their innovative managed procurement services model. MetaProcure complements Tradeshift’s vision of total supply chain management as their model removes the transactional burden for procurement departments and allows procurement specialists to become strategic advisors to the business,” said Rinus Strydom, Vice President of Alliances, Tradeshift. Tradeshift and MetaProcure share the common vision of transforming procurement into a strategic asset to global business by building collaborative and value-added supply chains. With its cloud-based solutions and domain expertise, MetaProcure allows companies who don’t have the time or resources to transform their procurement organizations to accelerate the pace of value creation. These key capabilities will help organizations to jumpstart their procurement transformations with Tradeshift Buy with minimal resources while generating significant and sustainable ROI. “The future of supply chain management is in the creation of an integrated, collaborative, and auditable digital B2B ecosystem. MetaProcure, powered by Tradeshift, delivers that solution and enables the SCM team to focus on holistic cost management, quality, service, and supplier innovation,” said Roy Anderson, Executive Vice President, MetaProcure. MetaProcure’s managed procurement services model is the latest in an ever-expanding list of tools and applications to have been added to the Tradeshift platform in recent months, including e-sourcing apps from Determine (formerly Selectica), supply chain management from Quyntess, CSR checks from Ecovadis, and dynamic discounting from C2FO. As the platform continues to grow, customers have the tools and solutions they need to ensure enhanced business agility while fully understanding their entire supply chain. About MetaProcure MetaProcure propels organizations to realize the benefits of Next Generation procurement. With its cloud based solutions and procurement expertise, MetaProcure helps companies accelerate the pace of value creation and transform their procurement capability. Its managed procurement services model enables organizations to jump-start their procurement transformation with minimal risk and resources while generating significant and sustainable ROI. MetaProcure is headquartered in Atlanta with offices in Boston and Houston.

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