Tradeshift Announces up to $240 Million in New Funding and Sets Sights on Near-Term Profitability

2020 Strategy Also Includes Measures to Increase Revenue and Cost Efficiency

Tradeshift, the leader in supply chain payments and marketplaces, today announced a funding round of $240 million in equity and debt from a combination of existing and new investors with more than two-thirds already closed. The funding will help accelerate growth and set the company on a direct path to profitability in the near future.

The company, which has reported more than 2 years of strong growth in quarterly revenue, recorded its best-ever year in 2019, including more than 60% revenue growth, more than 300 enterprise deals closed (the average deal size was doubled), and more than 40% of the total cumulative transaction volume across its platform came in the last 12 months, continuing the rapid growth of the Tradeshift network.

The additional capital from investors will be used to further fuel strong momentum Tradeshift has seen across core product lines, including Tradeshift Pay, which was ranked in 2019 as the strongest ePayables SaaS solution in the industry by analyst firm Ardent Partners, and Tradeshift Go, with an additional 200 new customers signed in 2019. Finally, the funding will be used for accelerating its large and growing network finance program, providing much needed liquidity to companies in 100+ countries.

“It’s clear that the investor community has a strong focus on growth combined with profitability and they like our plan,” said Christian Lanng, CEO of Tradeshift. “As a network business, growth is always going to be a key part of our story. But it’s also important that we manage that growth responsibly.”

Tradeshift’s drive towards profitability will also include a rigorous focus on cost control measures and restructuring global cost to take better advantage of Tradeshift’s global shared services and partners. An important part of this process will be to ensure that sufficient resources are allocated to high performing areas of the business.

“As we reach the next phase in the maturity of our business, our focus for the coming year will be about doubling down in areas where we’re seeing the greatest momentum while continuing to ensure we have the necessary balance in place to fully capitalize on the enormous opportunities in front of us.”

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