Supplier Relationship Management

5 Ways To Build A Win-Win Relationship With Your Suppliers & Create Dramatic Results


Having a robust relationship with your suppliers (or partners as many prefer) can be the difference between a slow and inflexible supply-chain and one that’s there for you when you need it


Suppliers are critical to your business! The importance of being able to work with your suppliers in a crisis, adapt and negotiate, has been proven extensively over the last year and if, as a customer, things ran less smoothly than you would like, now’s the time to change it.

In a recent supplier survey, we found that more than one-third of suppliers say their customers are difficult to work with — a clear indication that there is some work ahead for buyers in building mutual benefit in the commercial relationship.

In this webinar, our expert speakers will be exploring practical tips to improve relationships with your supplier in order to negotiate discounts, drive efficiency, collaborate on projects, and even improve the employee experience. We’ll be focusing on:

    • Implementing simple techniques focused on sellers’ value at outset
    • Discovering and serving up real value-adds for sellers
    • Finding that perfect balance between upstream customer efficiencies and seller challenges in change management
    • Aspects to coMaximize ROI within seller onboarding
    • Eliminating portal fatigue with your suppliers

Canda Rozier

Former Senior VP Global Procurement & Real Estate, NTT Security

Independent Consultant and Supplier Management Expert

Sally Fletcher

Head of Online Events


Mac McLaughlin

Director of Supplier Success


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