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Digital Transformation for Finance Leaders – The Essential Guide

Download the essential guide to building a winning digital transformation strategy for your finance department.

Author: Sam Wallis, Product Marketing Manager, Tradeshift

In a world of constant change, where forecasts and strategies must be frequently revisited with new assumptions, the finance department finds itself at an inflection point. Long viewed as a largely transactional function, finance leaders and their teams have an opportunity to cement their place as strategic digital transformation advisors across the business.

Such an evolution can only take place if the right digital foundations are in place. In a study of senior finance professionals by Accenture, 43% of respondents said technology was the biggest barrier to achieving the kind of real-time insights they needed to improve strategic decision-making.

Meanwhile, teams remain bogged down by manual processes. And when they’re spending time processing paper and fixing issues in spreadsheets, they’re unable to think about the bigger picture and where they can add value.

Finance leaders are placing big bets on digital transformation to unlock much-needed efficiencies and insight to take their departments to a new level of strategic value creation. A recent study commissioned by Tradeshift found that three in four finance budget holders plan to ramp up spending on digital transformation projects within their departments in the year ahead.

But success is by no means a given. With so much noise in the market, how do you know which technologies are really transformative and which are just hot air? And how can you guarantee that your digital transformation project will be a success?

​​In this e-book, we take you through the steps you must take to ensure your technology transformation is a success. We help you decipher the current technology landscape. And we give you all the tips and tricks you need to harness technology and execute a winning digital transformation.

You’ll learn:


    • How technology is transforming finance and how you can take advantage.
    • Why you must take the initiative and drive change in your organization.
    • How to manage new risks that emerge through mass technology adoption.
    • What a best-in-class digital transformation plan looks like
    • How you can guarantee smooth implementation of SaaS technology and achieve tangible results faster.


Download Your Guide to Digital Transformation Technology and learn how to harness technology and build a winning digital transformation strategy for your finance department.

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