The difficult question of how to curtail long-tail spend now has an easy answer: Tradeshift Go Virtual Credit Cards

Tradeshift Go provides businesses with a simple way to manage their most critical vendors, have visibility into all of their transactions, ensure secure transactions, and provide business with much needed spend controls.

Tradeshift Go provides a solution for setting strict controls to manage long-tail spend. It helps curtail unmanaged employee expenses, sets strict budgets for projects, establishes controls on ad hoc purchases and one-time vendors, and ensures vendors are charging businesses appropriately.

Secure, limited use cards.

Give your employees a card for a requested purchase in a few seconds. It’s virtual, so it can’t fall into the wrong hands.

Approval that comes first.

Unlike traditional commercial cards, every transaction on Go is pre-approved, by you. A virtual corporate credit card is only issued once you have approved.

Everything in one place.

See everything you’ve approved in one place. It’s like a credit card statement without the fine print. Easy.

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