The difficult question of how to curtail long-tail spend now has an easy answer: Tradeshift Go Virtual Credit Cards

Tradeshift Go provides businesses with a simple way to manage their most critical vendors, have visibility into all of their transactions, ensure secure transactions, and provide business with much needed spend controls.

Tradeshift Go provides a solution for setting strict controls to manage long-tail spend. It helps curtail unmanaged employee expenses, sets strict budgets for projects, establishes controls on ad hoc purchases and one-time vendors, and ensures vendors are charging businesses appropriately.

Sign up for a virtual credit card

Secure, limited use cards.

Give your employees a card for a requested purchase in a few seconds. It’s virtual, so it can’t fall into the wrong hands.

Approval that comes first.

Unlike traditional commercial cards, every transaction on Go is pre-approved, by you. A virtual corporate credit card is only issued once you have approved.

Everything in one place.

See everything you’ve approved in one place. It’s like a credit card statement without the fine print. Easy.

Tradeshift Go relieves spend management headaches, providing The E-Commerce Accountants and its clients with:

  • Visibility into every transaction
  • Keep track of virtual card spend and trends over time
  • Create alerts for when virtual card spend goes over set limits

For spend management, Tradeshift Go’s opportunities are endless. Some of our clients have various online stores and need to understand their spending habits for each one separately. Go makes that easy.

Christian Rivera
Founder, The E-Commerce Accountants

Deploy virtual credit cards that make tail-spend visible and approvable

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