Transform your finance department by automating your accounting, procurement and supply chain in one platform

Your finance department manages strategic initiatives for the business, from unconnected processes for payables, receivables and procurement, to balancing working capital and handling supply chain breakdowns. Strategic finance workers are 30% more likely to grow into high performers. Tradeshift transforms that with a single finance department platform for supply chain payments, B2B marketplaces, accounting automation & e-invoicing and supplier collaboration.

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What does it take to build a more agile supply chain?

Increased real-time connectivity and collaboration between buyers and suppliers, pivoting supply chains quickly, and access to much-needed cash flow is critical to your supply chain. Watch this video to understand supply chain connectivity and collaboration.

Early payments can benefit your working capital

Organizations must have a reliable cash flow. However, many businesses struggle with buyer payments, leading to cash flow gaps that harm working capital. Read about how early payment solutions help create positive working capital.

Transform from CFO to Chief Future Officer

“Manual processes breed inefficiency, prevent collaborative working and take focus away from strategic thinking.” Read about how the acceleration of digitization provides CFOs the opportunity to move from a transactional finance department to being a strategic advisor to the business

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Proven in AP and business. Tradeshift has more than 500 customers who have succeeded in their digital transformation of AP, Procurement and more.

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Let’s get AP automated and digital

Elevate AP with the #1 network solution for automating the heck out of accounts payable processes. Go paperless and touchless for the whole order-to-pay cycle. Automate invoices by capturing them digitally—and get AI to do the rest.

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