Manage your workforce with vendor management systems.

Make contractor, freelance and outsourcing management easy, and transparent.

Dynamic businesses are harnessing the power of the gig economy to meet the changing needs of their organization. However, hiring of freelancers and outsourcing work can be a broken process. CVs, contract agreements, and supplier invoices are often spread out across multiple inboxes and servers, leading to less control of organizational spend, less transparency around budgets and late payments to suppliers.

If vendor management is a black box in your business, the solution could be the right vendor management software. By operating from one central platform, you’ll get a clear view of all information surrounding your freelancers, temp staff and outsourced work.


Complete transparency and control

Traditional vendor management methods can cause:

A lack of transparency

Invoices, contracts, and spending on external staff is ad hoc and managed independently, meaning no one really knows how much is being spent.

Wasted time and effort

When sourcing temporary and freelance staff, your teams may spend hours looking for new workers when other departments may already have a great contact.

Vendors with out of control costs

Finance departments want control over how much is being spent on external vendors—yet these fees are often negotiated out of sight of the people holding the purse strings.

Delayed payments

When a freelancer or contractor’s invoice gets bounced around your internal systems, it can easily get lost and not paid, damaging your relationships with vendors.


The right online vendor management service gives you

A clear view of costs

Your finance team can see how much is spent on external staff, who is doing the spending, and how close to your budget you are.

More efficient admin processes

Every document relating to your external staffing is available on one platform—no missing contracts and no more disputes and misunderstandings.

Vendors with clear, up-front pricing

Have a marketplace of freelancers and contractors at your fingertips, so your teams can find trusted people with the right skills in one place, and know how much they cost up front.

Speedy, on-time payments

With fast payment of invoices, ongoing communication and clear terms, external staff will love working with your business.

Get total control with a vendor management solution

Our vendor management system puts you in control of how you find, organize, and pay external employees:

A centralized, online vendor marketplace

All your organization’s external partners live in a single online portal where prices are agreed up front so you can find the right staff, at the right time, and at the right price.

Complete control over costs

Gain a clear view of how much is spent on external staff, set budgeting limits and negotiate prices with our vendor management software

A simple yet sophisticated user experience

We’ve designed our vendor marketplace with a straightforward user interface that also gives you the power to set up your own rules and integrate third-party apps.

A dynamic supplier marketplace

Your permanent staff will love how easy it is to ‘add’ suppliers to the online vendor portal, agree on contract conditions and find trusted partners to work with.

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