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Bring procurement out of the dark ages and into the marketplace age.

Intuitive shopping experience for employees to buy from approved sources and stay in policy | Tradeshift Buy

Befriend tail spend.

Request, approve, and make purchases on the go with Tradeshift Go, a virtual credit card for mobile purchases.

Get complete spend under management for total visibility and control | Tradeshift Buy

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Bring a modern, managed buying experience right into your existing e-procurement tool, no integration needed.

Lightweight, flexible, and extensible platform makes managing change and growth easy | Tradeshift Buy

Your business, your way.

Get a full end-to-end cloud solution for your company buying, no on-premise or legacy software needed.

Marketplace Manager

Simplify management of all your products and services and create a marketplace for employees to shop.

Access with all your suppliers’ content, including punchouts and supplier-managed content, to create your own private marketplace of goods and services. Guide employees to the right products and services from contracted and approved suppliers with your pricing and discounts. You can also offer access to a public spot market to discover potential new suppliers, collaborate, and qualify sources of supply.


Intuitive shopping expands company-wide adoption.

A familiar search experience guides users to the right products and services that drive company spend objectives. Employees have better pricing visibility to determine the right price based on requirements, and to achieve compliance with negotiated pricing.

With approved, compliant requests for any spend category, you can reduce downstream work and boost your process efficiency.

In-App Chat

Easy collaboration that records conversations and doc exchanges.

With Buy, your procurement team, managers, and employees can chat and collaborate in real-time throughout the entire buying process. Add people to your conversations, share product and service information, and collaborate with sourcing experts for the right source of supply, right price, and compliance. Collaborators can access all communication centrally and reference any related documents or content.

Peter Hansen

I know we have suppliers for this motor, but we need a part today. Is there a local company where we can get it?

Anthony Miller

Sure thing. I updated the purchase request with American Motors, about 8 miles from you. The price is $499.

Peter Hansen

Great, thanks!

Order Collaboration with Suppliers

Reduce process cycle times and errors fordirect and indirect materials.

Be proactive when orders or deliveries change. Collaboration and validation, including custom validations, ensure the multiple purchasing documents that support your change order, 2- and 3-way match, and contract compliance processes are based on up-to-date and accurate order and delivery information. Upstream collaboration and downstream invoice accuracy means a larger window to manage cash and capture discounts.

Complete Supplier Adoption

The Key to your competitive edge.

The value you get from procurement best practices will only scale if your suppliers adopt. Tradeshift provides global supplier onboarding programs, as well as a portfolio of value-add technology, financial services and third party business applications for suppliers that have led to industry-leading supplier adoption and engagement rates.

Do more with Tradeshift Apps

Tradeshift is the only flexible platform that streamlines and simplifies your P2P processes, enabling company-wide agility so you can respond quickly to the ever-changing market.

As a solution that grows with you, your business growth will never be limited by your technology. Extend Tradeshift apps, build your own business apps, or subscribe to third-party apps on the platform to make procurement as unique as your company. Get faster change at a lower cost and a solution that meets your needs, now and in the future.


Tradeshift Go

Expand Procurement’s reach with lightweight, collaborative purchasing and payments using virtual credit cards.

Tradeshift Go is an add-on to Tradeshift Buy that enables simple requests and approvals for visibility into long-tail spend. Tradeshift Go delivers the convenience of a card and the control of a purchasing system. Employees are given a virtual card number to complete approved transactions. No need to force long-tail spend into an inefficient PO process or create master data for one-time suppliers.