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Together against fraud: Tradeshift and Sis ID expand their partnership worldwide

Together against fraud: Tradeshift and Sis ID expand their partnership worldwide

Identity theft fraud affects millions of people every year and has been a continuously increasing risk as the world becomes more digitized. To help combat this rising threat, a group of CFOs and treasurers came together to create a strategy for protecting private information. From this, My Sis ID was born, ushering in a more collaborative and safe platform that users could rely on to prevent fraud.

Through a combination of intelligent automation, collaborative innovation, and certified payment data, Sis ID helps users grow their network and secure their data. When users enter into a partnership with Sis ID, they benefit from collective learning and a commitment to operational excellence.  From performance to excellence, Sis ID works to collectively address the risk of bank identity fraud, capitalize on experience and expertise, and anticipate and respond to growing challenges of finance digitalization.

The losses that organizations face from fraud are astronomical. Only four months into 2021, businesses report losses topping $6B. Companies open themselves up to risks of fraud at every step in their AP automation process, and with 31% of companies suffering from a cyberattack each day, finding ways to secure their sensitive data is crucial. That’s where Tradeshift and Sis ID come in.

“The collaborative approach SiS-id has taken to addressing the multi-billion dollar fraud problem facing businesses fits well with our own mission to connect every business digitally, creating economic opportunity for all.”

— Bruno Laborie, Senior Director, Global Alliances, Tradeshift

Our partnership with Sis ID enables us to provide our users with a single solution to prevent false billing and fraudulent payments. On our Tradeshift Pay platform, users enjoy Smart-ID security, automated matching, and updates on the latest trends and processes. Through Sis ID and Tradeshift, you can digitize and automate your controls to prevent fraud into your AP automation solution, granting you more visibility and control over your data. And now, we are excited to expand our software solutions globally!

When users implement Tradeshift Pay, they enjoy a number of key benefits that add security and reliability to their AP Process. With the cutting edge technology of Sis ID and Tradeshift, users can:

Reduce risk

Our platform helps you reduce the number of invoice errors to zero. Granting you systematic controls of your data at each key state of your AP process, our unique platform works for your specific needs to secure your process. And, our early detection capabilities help identify attempted fraud at the first entry of your documents.

Reduce cost & time

Automation and digitization are key to streamlining your processes and securing your data. With our platform, users can automate their invoice matching and controls at every step, helping to eliminate low value-added tasks. With reinforced control steps, users can experience a quicker start-up and a more enjoyable experience overall.

“Strengthening the security of the payment process of our customers is our priority. By extending the Sis ID community to our partners, we fight collectively and efficiently in all the stages of the Purchase to Pay process. Together we are stronger!”

Laurent Sarrat, Sis ID CEO

Prevent payment fraud

No one wants to fall victim to fraud. Our 24/7 real-time fraud alert system helps protect you and your process, giving you peace of mind. With standardized controls and a secured and mutualized data repository, you and your suppliers can secure global payments and improve your relationship through a more visible AP process.

We are thrilled to be expanding our partnership with Sis ID worldwide. Together, we are committed to providing users with a secure platform for securing payments and improving supplier relationships.

For more information about this expanding partnership, or to see Tradeshift in action, reach out to our team of experts and start your demo today.

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